The Great 19th Century Pendraken Proxy List

The goal of this page is to present Pendraken Codes I think could work for good proxies of 19th century armies that do not have dedicated ranges. It will be updated as my collection grows


Serbian Armies of the 19th Century
S1 World War 1 Serbian Infanry in Cap

In 1874-1882 Serbian Infantry Uniform. Light blue-gray/gay cap, breeches, brown tunic.

In 1882-1895 Serbian Infantry Uniform. Dark Blue Cap, tunic, light blue breeches

For 1895-1900s uniform grey cap, breeches, dark blue tunic.

Brazilian Army of the War of the Triple Alliance 

Zouaves of Bahia using ACW18
Greek Infantry 1908-1922

Line infantry using BA7. Probably can work as Bulgarian 1912-1916 also but with brown uniform.

Line Infantry using RJ3. Probably can be use for Gendarmie

Line Infantry SA1 (my favorite)

Belgian Army 1914

Line Infantry in early 1914 AU2

Hungarian Revolution War 1848-1849
German Legion in Hungarian Service IT3

Paraguayan Army of the War of the Triple Alliance
Line Infantry Early War IT1

British Army 1860s in Home Service Uniform
Line Infantry CM1

Danish Army 1864

Line infantry in Greatcoat D2

Italian Army 1860s

I am not sure about the colors. Also the greatcoat feels to short. IT2

Swiss Army 1871
Mobilised for the Franco-Prussian War. Line Infantry or Grenadier(?)  FIW2

Belgian Army 1871

Mobilized for the Franco-Prussian War. Line Infantry or Grenadier(?)FIW5

Uruguayan Army of 1864-1867

Infantry Battalion Florida CF1

Infantry Battalions 24 April CF2

Greek Army 1897 Candidates

Greek Line Infantry D2

Greek Line Infantry/Gendarmes(?)  FPW25

Greek Line Infantry SAP1

Greek Infantry 1897 SAP2
Hungarian Revolution 1848-1849

Hungarian Honved 1848-1849  AU10

Franco-Prussian and Austro-Prussian Wars
Prussian Jaegers 1866/1870 PPW13

Russo-Ottoman War 1877-1878

Romanian Chausser 1877/1878 AU3
Danish War 1864
Swedish Army 1864 (cut or or file the plume) PPW25
Franco-Prussian War 
Wurttemburg Line 1870 FWW2

Balkan Wars 1912-1913

Ottoman Army

Ottoman Nizam Infantry in Khaki Uniform SC4

Greek Army 1897
Greek Evzonas 1897-1922, in 1897 Colors. Converted AU12

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