Scenarios and Army Lists

On this page you can find links to scenarios and army lists created by me for various systems

Historical Scenarios

For "Rommel" by Sam Mustafa

The Battle of Pindus, Action of the Center Section, 28-29th October 1940

The action on the Center Section of the Battle of Pindus during the opening of the Italian attack on Greece in 28th October 1940. The 1st Regimental Group of the "Guila" Alpini Division vs. the Davaki Detachement. Draft

The Battle of Kalpaki-Grambala, 2nd November 1940

A scenario focusing on the attempt of elements of the Italian 23rd Ferrara Division and 131st Centauro Armored Division to break the positions  of the Greek VIII Division along the Kalamas-Kalpaki-Grambala axis.Draft

For "I Ain't Been Shot Mum" by Too Fat Lardies

The Battle of Pindus, The Action of Molista, 29th October 1940

A scenario focusing on the flanking attack of the 2nd Alpini Battalion "Aquila" of the 9th Regiment of the 3rd Alpini Division "Giulia" against the Greek position southwest of the village Molista.

For "Great War Spearhead II" by Shawn Taylor 

2nd Battle of Skra Di Lengen 1918
The first battle during the Greek participation in the First World War, in which Greek forces at the Corps level operated under Greek command.  Launched as part of the Entente offensives whose goal was to pin German units in the Salonika Front and deny them to the Great Spring Offensive in the Western Front. With help by Robert Monk. Draft

Driskos 1912
A minor battle during the First Balkan War in the Epirus Theater. Its claim to history is the fact that it was the main action in which the 1912 Garibaldini force was involved. Greeks  and Italians vs. Ottomans. Draft

For "Bloody Big Battles" by Chris Pringle

Pyong-Yang 1894
The decisive land battle of the 1st Sino-Japanese War of 1894. The modernised Huei/Beiyang Army of Viceroy Li Hongzhang is cornered by the Japanese 1st Army in the Korea fortified city of Pyong-Yang. Draft. Draft

Oeversee 1864
A small battle by Bloody Big Battles standards. Good for a quick game or teaching the rules. The 7th Danish Brigade tries to hold off the Austrians under Gablenz, in order to cover the retreat of the Danish Army from the Dannverike to Frederic and Dybbol. Draft.

Paraguayan assault against Brazilian, Argentinian and Uruguayan forces during the War of the Triple Alliance. For Bloody Big Battles.With help from Chris Pringle.Draft

Ottoman assault against Greek defenders, War of 1897. For Bloody Big Battles.With help from Chris Pringle.

Battle of Leipzig 1813 (also condensed version)
A monster battle abstracted to the highest level (corps) so as to permit a one day game using Bloody Big Battles. This is a Draft scenario, but modified after some playtestting.With help from Chris Pringle.

For "The Warre Game 1632" by Steve Jones

Protestnat German attack against Catholic Spanish Defenders, Thirty Years War. For "The Warre Game 1632"

A-historical Scenarios
The Battle of Kesan 1877
This is a speculative history scenario for Bloody Big Battles. What would have happened if the British had intervened in the Russo-Ottoman War of 1877-1878? Here is one interpretation!

Army Lists

Armies of the 19th Century Booklets for Black Powder. 

Booklet Black Powder 1: Black Powder Army lists for the Russo-Ottoman War of 1877-1878 v.2


Andrew Bruce said...

Hi there
I have shared your files to my Black Powder rules page as i think it would be of interst to my readers

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Unknown said...

Great work, very interesting. I am looking forward to play your scenarios and to read about the history on which they are based. Eventhough I will have to adapt them to the Napoleonic figures that I have.

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Konstantinos Travlos said...

Andrew thank you very much! I will be visiting those lists again but slowly, as BBB won over BP for my 19th century heart. But I am planning on expanding the War of the Triple Alliance to Paraguayans at least.

Thank you Alejandro.