Agora-Antallagi (Market-Exchange)

Good Friends here you can find a list of things I am putting up for sale or exchange . If interested email me at
!!!New Sale, December 2017!!!!

A variety of items. Due to shipment costs and time issues, I cannot post sale outside of Istanbul, Turkey (or Athens,Greece)-exception if you are willing to cover full shipping and handling costs. I try to be cheap, but they can come to quite a lot).

A) 10mm American Civil War Hand-painted Chess Set
Figures are Pendraken
Price: 100 TL

C) 28mm Hand-painted Napoleonic Collection with display case

Figures are a mix of Perry, Foundry, Warlord and Victrix
Price: 100 TL

D) Nintendo Kabufuda "President" Playing Car Deck
Price :50 TL

E) Warhammer 40k Space Marine Army
Price: 300 TL

All painted.
5 Assault Marines
1 Chaplain in Assault Armor
1 Company Banner
1 Captain
1 Company Champion
14 Marines
7 Marines with Heavy Weapons
1 Razorback
2 Rhinos
1 Dreadnought 
6 Terminators
1 Grey Knight

Some pictures can be seen here

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