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List of Potential Plausible Opponents in the 1815-1914 period

Players are always seeking plausible but ahistorical conflicts as an excuse to pit armies that did not fight each other in war against each other. The following files are here in order to facilitate historically plausible conflict scenarios.

They include a list of  Militarized Interstate Disputes between members of the international system between 1816 and 1914.  They are arranged by dyad of conflict parties, though you should be warned (and can notice it from dispute numbers) that may of these disputes were multilateral as opposed to bilateral.

This includes all disputes that saw the use of military force, or the show of military force (whether reciprocated or not), but which did not reach the intensity of war.  It does include MIDs created by threats of force.  Thus it does not include wars, and disputes that did not see the actual mobilization or use of military force. All wars are MIDs, but not all MIDs become wars. That said MIDs are the most likely international event to become a war. In another name these are historically possible war-dyads.

The file is based on the data collected by Zeev Maoz and the Correlates of War Project. For coding decisions etc, explore the websites of both.

Note: It does not include Colonial Conflicts (COW has a different list for those). If you are looking for Narratives you will have to contact COW directly.

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