Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Tercios Game: Somewhere during the Long Turkish War

Last Sunday we played a gmae of Tercios. Nacho provided the beautifully painted armies, while the Kararagh Club hosted us. The game was in honor of Mehmet Batuhan (author of Trial By Fire) who was visiting from Izmir. I and Onur took the role of the Holy Roman Empire, while Mehmet and Nacho led the Ottomans. It was straight forward battle scenario, with the side with more VPs from causing losses to the enemy winning.

We went for our usual denied flank tactic (which works in 99% of 28mm wargames rules due to the lack of reserves). Initially things went well for us, but the friction and some mistakes by me, saw our cavalry flank (commanded by me) collapse. In the end we were able to clinch a draw.

The game is rather abstract, but the feel of the battle felt like a 17th century battle, in the sense that fortuna could change. I also felt me morale sink when my cavalry flank broke, which is realistic, which led me to lose heart. Good thing Onur was a fortress of calm! The lack of Reserves in both sides was telling.

All in all a good game with beautiful miniatures (painted by Nacho who is also available for hire).

Here are pictures taken by the others.


Steve J. said...

Wonderful looking units:)

Nacho PĂ©rez said...

Thank you Konstantinos! I will share it in Facebook Tercios group.