Sunday, October 21, 2018

Liberation & Destruction BBB Campaign: Battle of Kirik Kilisse

This Saturday (20 October 2018) we initiated a new BBB Campaign, “Liberty & Destruction: The First & Second Balkan Wars”. We fought the first major battle in the Eastern Thrace front, the Battle of Kirk Kilisse (Lozengran).

The scenario game ended with an Ottoman Victory, due to the mistakes done by the players commanding the Bulgarians (including yours truly). Onur kept his cool and fully exploited my mistake in dispersing my power into three different axis of attack. Morten and me never coordinated until it was very late, and I gave wrong orders.  Having not played BBB in a long while I simply forgot the basic principles of strategy, which BBB always punishes you for forgetting. We did not concentrate and thus even though we broke through there was not power behind those breakthroughs.

Scenario map and direction of actions

Recreating the map
Bottom is West, up is East

Left is West, Right is East, top is north.

Top is west, bottom east, right is north. 

We liked the scenario, and had fun, and it was clear that some better planning by the Bulgarians would had led to victory.  You can watch the Video Report at 

Some pictures of the action 

Morten brought his Bulgarian army which was truly beautifully painted. 

If you want to get an idea of the lay of the land, see our video from our expedition to visit the battlefields.

If you would like to see my and Chris Pringle’s scenario book for the First & Second Balkan War in print, please contact Pen and Sword publications and drop a word of encouragement. 

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Chris BBB said...

Hey, Konstantinos! I'm very happy to see you fight Kirkkilise - doubly so that it is the first in your next campaign. I hope you guys have a great time fighting your way through the Balkan Wars!