Sunday, October 28, 2018

OHI Day-Ημέρα του Οχί

Today  is the anniversary of the onset of the Greek-Italian War of 1940. By 1941 it will become part of the wider World War. In Greece the war is considered a watershed moment. It seemed to be a point of time were the deep divides of the National Schism got overcome. It also helped somewhat mitigate the deep trauma from the defeat in the Greek-Turkish War of 1919-1923 (which you can learn more of by following my monthly YouTube series Salvation and Catastrophe.).

The first radio announcement of the initiation of the Italian attack. 

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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Liberation & Destruction BBB Campaign: Battle of Kirik Kilisse

This Saturday (20 October 2018) we initiated a new BBB Campaign, “Liberty & Destruction: The First & Second Balkan Wars”. We fought the first major battle in the Eastern Thrace front, the Battle of Kirk Kilisse (Lozengran).

The scenario game ended with an Ottoman Victory, due to the mistakes done by the players commanding the Bulgarians (including yours truly). Onur kept his cool and fully exploited my mistake in dispersing my power into three different axis of attack. Morten and me never coordinated until it was very late, and I gave wrong orders.  Having not played BBB in a long while I simply forgot the basic principles of strategy, which BBB always punishes you for forgetting. We did not concentrate and thus even though we broke through there was not power behind those breakthroughs.

Scenario map and direction of actions

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

I left Facebook

A lot of you might have woken up to me being missing from Facebook. First please do not worry. I am fine. I decided to leave Facebook after a careful consideration of the priorities I have in life. This year is an important year in my life and there is a need to focus on personal life and work. My lack of discipline meant that Facebook was coming at the cost of the core of the hobby (reading books, painting armies, waging tabletop battles). Do not get me wrong. I appreciate the ability of social media ti simplify life. It would not be a lie to say Facebook helped me get through some tough times. But now is the time to move on.

I would like to apologize to the members of the various Groups I helped set up on Facebook. My abrupt leaving was necessitated by my character, but is nevertheless insulting. I apologize. I hope the groups will continue their life beyond me direct involvement. It is left to the will or lack of will of members. I especially want to apologize to Elliot.

What now? How can you keep up with my hobby activities.

First, you can follow my hobby activity on this blog.

Second, I am member of the Pendraken Forum (rather active), The Wargames Website (active to a point), and a couple of Yahoo Groups the most important of which is the BBB Yahoo Group.

Third you can always contact me via the following email :

Fourth, you can follow my videos on my YouTube Channel.

There a some really cool things in store. The Salvation and Catastrophe YouTube video series will have its first episode in the last week of October. I also working on a board-game, and look forward to be able to sink some more time in it. The War of Vasorvian Succession campaign should get started this year. And we are gearing up for a BBB game of Konningratz. Finally I am uploading on YouTube my Diplomatic History courses. So keep in touch.

Again if my abrupt exit from Facebook hurt you, I apologize. It had to be done.