Thursday, August 2, 2018

Our First Game of Rommel: Soviets vs. Italians 1942

Two weekends ago (yes it took this long to find time to prepare this. Such a busy summer this year for me), me, Morten, and Nacho came to Nacho's house to play my first game of Rommel. Initially the plan was to pit my Italians vs. Greeks, or Greeks vs. Germans (using the Greek command material I created which you can find by clicking here , and which has unfortunately been ignored by most , bu not all, of the Rommel community :( ) but we decided instead to play a Soviet vs. Italian battle during 1942. Nacho and Morten's took over command of the attacking Soviets, and I of the defending Italians. Scenario was breakthrough. 

Setting the table

Scetch map of the terrain and development of the battle.