Monday, July 2, 2018

BBB Battle of Gettysburg Anniversary, and Battle of Chickamauga

Onur came over yesterday and we played the Big Bloody Battles scenario for the Battle of Gettysburg, considering that it was the anniversary of the start of the battle.

Onur took on the command of the CSA forces, while I took the command of USA forces. In summary, I lost, as I underestimated the strength of the Confederate forces. Onur focused on Gettysburg and the heights immediately behind it, while I permitted myself to be check by Longstreet's threat to my flanks. As a result my center was not sufficiently held and buckled under the attack of four CSA divisions. Attempts to fix the situation by, many times desperate, counter attacks failed. A convincing CSA victory to my shame.

You can watch the video AAR here

and some photos follow.

 The initial set up, and day 1. North is the far narrow end of the table.

Buford and the Iron Brigade hold back Heth and Pender.

Buford and the Iron Brigade have fallen back to Gettysburg while Heth, Pender, Early and Rodes prepare to attack.

The Union cetner.

Arrival of Longstreet and Hancock 

The USA line along the Peace Orchard ridge. They were in the wrong place.

A massive, and as it turned out unstoppable, assault by four Confederate divisions on Cemetery Hill, Seminary Hill, and Culps Hill is prepared. 

The view from the Confederate line.

Longstreet arriving from the West.

Culp's Hill under threat. Cemetery Hill has fallen!

The Confederates drive all before them!

The situation towards the end of Day 3.

Desperate Union counter-attacks fail!

I also totally forgot to make a post for the previous game of our Thunder in the West BBB Campaign. We played Chickamauga at the club. Onur and Nacho commanded the CSA forces, while I and Mustafa took command of the USA. Briefly both me and Onur decided on flanking each others axis of advance. My flanking manuver worked. His did not. A victory for the USA. The next two games are Champion Hill and Nashville. You can see the video AAR here.


Chris BBB said...

Great to see that you guys have embarked on another BBB campaign! I wish you many hours of good ACW gaming!


Bloody Big BATTLES!

Joseph.Cade said...

Interesting refights. I do have one question though....not about the rules but in Chickamagua, on the Union left flank, what are those Confederate units with what look like tall black and white lances almost tower size? I cant see well enough to make out what exactly that is.


Konstantinos Travlos said...

Hi Joseph. Those are normal CSA cavalry. The towers are pipe cleaners pieces used to note something (Cannot remember what).