Sunday, June 10, 2018

Some Too Fat Lardies action: Teaching IABSM and some Kiss me Hardy

Nacho came over this Sunday for some relaxation, discussion about military history (the Thirty Years War especially), eating cigkofte, drinking lots of cold beer,  and we also played two games.

First I introduced him to I Ain't Been Shot Mum, by the Too Fat Lardies. We had a 4 squad Italian Platoon, supported by a two squad command platoon (plus 1 Big Man), plus a squad of MMG guns, attack a entrenched Greek position defended by two squads of Greeks and one MMG. The Italians were able to storm the Greek position and Nacho got some of the basics of IABSM.

The blinds phase

The Italians revealed 

two Italian Squads taking advantage of the forests.

The Italian machine gun strafing the greek position 

A heavily hit Greek squad.

After that we played a small Kiss Me Hardy Scenario were I took command of an Ottoman flotilla of a powerful Three Decker (98) accompanied by Two Decker (74), vs. two heavy Spanish frigates (40) supported by a Two Decker (64).  After a lot of maneuvering we run out of time with the Ottoman 74 having issues with rigging, and one Spanish frigate badly mauled. 

Me refreshing my rules. Alas my hair I knew you well!

The Ottoman approach from the Spanish Ships


The Melee

Situation at end

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