Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Update on Projects Spring 2018

Things are going slow, project wise.

I am still trying to get some paint in. The 1866 10mm project for Konningratz has stalled under the weight of its massiveness. It is moving (the Saxons and one Austrian Corps done) but slow. I am also stalled with my 18th century imaginations work. The only painting I got in was two more lances of mechs for the Battletech set I am painting for a friend.

Some bad photos.

Beyond that gaming wise, I had the chance to play some board-games with friends, but no miniature games. Onur is busy with life and work, and I fear our zest for BBB has gone down a bit, especially as we are waiting for the Bloody Balkan Battles supplement, which, partly by my blame, is still taking time to finish.

I did play some Bolt Action (not impressed), Star Trek Ascendancy (very good), and of course my loved To the Last Man (1915 scenario only, stalemate).

Nacho's Romulans are kicking my Klingon arse

The war in 1915

I did have some fun with Onur! We went to the Great War YouTube Video Series Channel fan meeting in Istanbul/Constantinople. There I met Indy, Flo, Markus and the rest of the team. It was really good.
Me and Indy discuss the particularities of the national schism.

Finally if you know Turkish, my friend Doruk Akyuz published his first book, on the life of the Petrev Pasha, Ottoman military observer to the Russo-Japanese War, and the "cursed" Ottoman Chief of Staff in the First Balkan War.

So all in all busy. Some hobby stuff, but not a lot of miniature stuff. Hopefully the end of a really demanding academic semester will give me some more time. 

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