Thursday, April 12, 2018

Active Learning at my Course

This semester I again had the chance to teach my course on military strategy. This year I extended the course to also cover non-violent strategies of political contention for a more holistic approach to options for obtaining goals in contentious politics.

I also heavily increased the role of active learning components from 2 in the course, to 4.
Three of these components were centered around the students playing historical wargames, in board-game or miniature game form, or computer games and writing response papers on what they learned from the games, as well as applying concepts learned from lecture.

What I think I am doing :p

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Pritzker Military Library and ,Museum: WWI

I am in Chicago for Midwest Political Science Association Meeting. Romping around I found the Pritzker Military Library and Museum which had a WW1 exhibit. Here are some photos.

Hisart Museum Visit number two

I had the chance to re-visit the Hisart museum and took some pictures of new stuff I had not seen in my previous visit.

Quite a lot of news things, especially about WW2. Also in an effort to curry the favor of the goverment, the museum has made a special exhibition on Sultan Abdul Hamid II.

What I have been working on

Not a lot of completed projects right now.

I am working on 10mm 1866 Austrians for the Bloody Big Battles Koniggratz scenario.

I am also painting, slowly, my 1/72 early 18th century imagination forces. Here is what I have done to this point