Thursday, February 22, 2018

Almost done with Bloody Big Balkan Battles Playtests!

I just finished my 2nd Playtest of Kresna Gorge. With this we are almost done with the play-testing phase of the writing of the Bloody Big Balkan Battles scenario supplement for BBB.

Almost there! Let us hope this endeavor will end better than the Greek en-devour to take Istanbul/Constantinople 

Sarantaporo: 2 Playtests (Chris Pringle)-CLOSED
Dioran: 4 Playtests (Me, Onur and Bekir)-CLOSED
Kilkis-Lahana: 2 Playtests (Me)-CLOSED
Lule-Burgs: 3 Playtests (2 Me, 1 Morten Kristien Andersen)-CLOSED
Kirkkilise: 2 Playtests (Chris Pringle)-CLOSED
Yiannitsa: 2 (Chris Pringle)-CLOSED
Prilep: 2 Playtest (Me, Me and Nacho)-CLOSED
Monastir 2 (Me and Morten, Me)-CLOSED
Kumanovo: 2 (Me , Me and Onur)-CLOSED
Chataldja: 2 (Me, Me and Mehmet Batuhan)-CLOSED
Bizani: 1 (Chris Pringle)-Conditional CLOSED
Kalimanchi: 2 (ME, Morten) CLOSED
Kresna Gorge :2 (ME) CLOSED 
Breglanitza: 1 (Chris Pringle)
Secret non-Scenario Project: 0

Only one battle playtest is left. That is a 2nd Playtest for Breglanitza.The problem is that in all chances neither me, nor Chris can touch this before April. And that means having to use May-June to make revisions and looking at a possible publication in July-August. If someone can help us, by doing a play-test of Breglanitza ASAP, then I can do revisions March-April-May and we can look at a June publication (in time for the start of summer). Please consider helping! 

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