Thursday, January 25, 2018

New Project: The War of Varasovian Succession

The War of Varasovian Succession : An Imaginations Campaign 

Campaign map, click for larger picture

For thousands of years the Danaian Empire had ruled the regions washed by the Mother Sea. But 500 years ago, changes in climate led to mass migrations from the north and east of the region that overwhelmed and led to the collapse of the Danaian Empire. When the last Danaian Emperor signed off half of the empire to a confederation of tribes of migratory people, an era had ended, and a new era began, the Era of Kings.

The year is 567 AE (After Empire), and 100 years since the arrival of pyritida form the far west  led to a revolution in military affairs. The Kingdom of Varasovia is one the easternmost of the kingdoms created by the great migration and one of the newest. Its various peoples, Varasovians, Rurikanians, and Kreovi, were among the last migratory waves, arriving around 250 AE and fleeing the Altairian horse tribes. There kingdom has stood as the bulwark against the east and north. But there relative youth in established political institutions has led to a unique political system. Rather than the democratic republics of the Danaians, or the hereditary kingdoms of the earlier migrants, they are ruled by elected Kings. For the last 60 years, those elections have been occasions for political interventions by foreign powers, and for civil wars.

This is the case once more. However, there is difference this time. The end of the Great War, led to the ambitious and aggressive Great Kingdom of Sanchez getting a foothold in the western borders of the Kingdom of Varasovia. The Great Kingdom is vehemently opposed by the United Dominions of the House of Travlos, the successor of the once might Danaian Empire and the dominant power of the Mother Sea. At the same time, the Karadeli Confederation, that overthrew the Altair Khanate 15 years ago, has begun taking an interest in the politics of Varasovia, and established a border Beylik under Halil Onur Pasha whose main goal is to project influence in Varasovia, and counter the United Dominions which vie with the Confederation over naval control of the Mother Sea. At the center is control of the Varasovian River, the longest river on the continent that ties the northern kingdoms with the Mother Sea.

The United Dominions supported Blinski II, the Veovod of Vilna as the candidate for King, a safe choice it was believed. The Kingdom of Sanchez on the other hand proposed one of its own Princes, Ferdinando, for King. The election was contested, and Ferdinando won only thanks to the support of the Duke of Kreov, widely believed to have been bribed by Halil Onur Pasha. Blinski and his confederates opposed the election of course and rebelled. That is the usual way things go in Varasovia. A short civil war follows, and then a deal is cut and there is stability. Foreign patrons support their proxies, but do not directly intervene. Not this time. When the Sava League was formed to oppose the election of Ferdinando, The Great Kingdom of Sanchez, sent an expeditionary force against the League. In reaction, the United Dominion of the House of Travlos, also sent an expeditionary force, igniting the War of Varasovian Succession.  In reaction to that Halil Onur Pasha also entered Varasovian territory, nominally at the invitation of the Duke of Kreov. Thus Varasovia has become a battleground.

This the basic backstory for the current major project we are pursuing in Istanbul, with Nacho and Onur. We decided to get into early-min 18th century warfare. Now as you know the story of this blog begun from a failed attempt at getting into 18th century warfare and Imaginations (the Principality of Morea). So this is well tread ground for me. The only difference is that this time I have two more committed players. Since we decided to go with 1/72 figures, I suggested we do imaginations so as not to have to worry about the un-even coverage of the era by the 1/72 manufacturers. For rules we have decided on Might and Reason (with the Sun King and Lion and Crescent add-ons), and we will organize our games around a Kleiner Feldzug campaign in a fictional setting. Those of you who know your history will easily recognize the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth in the Kingdom of Varasovia.

Great Kingdom troops during the Great War

Nacho went for a proxy for Bourbon Spain (And will be using the War of Spanish Succession Spanish Army list form the Sun King supplement). Onur of course will be playing a proxy for 17th-18th century Ottoman Armies (using the Lion and Cresent army lists). My own faction is a proxy for the Venetian Republic (but will be using the Empire list from  Sun King).  We have decided to keep the aesthetic of our forces firmly in the 1690-1730 period. At this point we are still in the collect/paint phase of the hobby, but I can say we are very excited.

Below you can see my first units, artillery. The models are from the excellent Zvezda “Artillery of Charles XII” kit, and are painted in Venetian Livery as described in the articles “The Venetian Army and Navy of the Holy League War 1684-1699” by  Bruno Mugnai in the magazine History and Uniforms.

You can follow the development of this project and campaign by clicking on the label “War of Varasovian Succession”


Steve J. said...

Well I hope all goes well with your campaign as I love the background work you have done. However it reminds me of how little progress I have made on my own Imagi-Nations campaign!

Wes Rogers said...

Great background story. I got here from the 18th century Facebook page.

Mad Lemmey said...

Great background, lovely units. Have fun!

Sun Jester said...

A great Idea, I'm looking forward to seeing more.