Thursday, December 14, 2017

Bloody Big Balkan Battles Playtests Continue Kresna Gorge

This is probably the last BBBB playtest I got in for 2017. I play-tested Kresna Gorge. A Bulgarian victory. I will probably have to adjust the objectives, but beyond that no other fix seems necessary to me (the 2nd Playtest should clarify things). I was surprised by how little issue the terrain created within each of the rough geographical sectors of the region. Moving between sectors is a pain, but within sectors, things were less of an issue (beyond the gorge acting as natural fort). You do get a feeling of how much of a gamble King Constantine took when he decided to strike the Kresna Gorge.

Here are some pics of the setup and battle.

Bottom of photo is east, top is west, left is north (Old Bulgaria), right is south

Looking from Old Bulgaria towards East Macedonia

The Kresan Gorge

Greek troops marching in the east flank.

Greeks troops massing to assault the Gorge

The Breglanitza river. The region to the left of this photo is the right part of the Kalimanchi scenario.

The table at the end

The east flank.

The center

The west flank

With this playtest we are very close to the end of this process. Thanks to your survey responses we have a better idea of how to move once the play-tests are for distribution. That said there are still 4 playtests needed. I expect Morten and their team to be able to take care of the 2nd Playtest of Kalimanci before the years end. That leaves 3 play-tests for 2018. Hopefully by Summer 2018 we will be done.

Sarantaporo: 2 Playtests (Chris Pringle)-CLOSED
Dioran: 3 Playtests (Me)-CLOSED
Kilkis-Lahana: 2 Playtests (Me)-CLOSED
Lule-Burgs: 3 Playtests (2 Me, 1 Morten Kristien Andersen)-CLOSED
Kirkkilise: 2 Playtests (Chris Pringle)-CLOSED
Yiannitsa: 2 (Chris Pringle)-CLOSED
Prilep: 2 Playtest (Me, Me and Nacho)-CLOSED
Monastir 2 (Me and Morten, Me)-CLOSED
Kumanovo: 2 (Me , Me and Onur)-CLOSED
Chataldja: 2 (Me, Me and Mehmet Batuhan)-CLOSED
Bizani: 1 (Chris Pringle)-Conditional CLOSED
Breglanitza: 0
Kalimanchi: 1 (ME)
Kresna Gorge :1 (ME)
Secret non-Scenario Project: 0

So we are getting there!

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