Saturday, November 18, 2017

Kiss my Hardy Action at Istanbul

Last Sunday we met at the Kararagh Club in Istanbul for a game of Kiss me Hardy, the Too Fat Lardies rules for naval warfare in the Age of Sails. The scenario was fictional inspired by the Caribbean Campaigns during the Revolutionary Wars. During the war of the Second Coalition, somewhere close to Les Saintes, a Spanish and French squadron try to attain junction, while the British are trying to stop them.

the ships and their rosters

Each side had three squadrons of two ships. The British had a flagship squadron of two 1st rates, a squadron of two 3rd rates, and a squadron of two frigates. They had the better crews. The Franco-Spanish had a squadron of two Spanish 1st rates, a mixed squadron of two third rates, and a French squadron of 3rds rates. They had the more weight of cannon. I took command of the British 1s Rate Squadron with Onur and Mehmet as the frigate squadron and 3rd rate squadron commanders respectively. Nacho, Alper, Murat, and Mustafa shared at various points the allied command. 

The fleets at the start of the game. British squadrons closer to the bottom of the photos, Allied squadrons to the top, far left and top the British 1st Rates.

To make a long story short, because of my bad positioning of the British 1st Rate Squadron, most of the battle saw the Allied Squadrons gang up on the two remaining British squadrons in two separate actions. The British Frigate action faced the French 3rd rates, which got the upper hand. In the center, the Spanish 1st rates faced the British 3rd Rates, while the 3rd mixed allied squadron participated in both fights. In the end British pluck pulled through, and despite the mauling the British were able to capture the Spanish 1st rate flagship. My own squadron entered towards the end of the fight and exchanged shots with the mixed allied squadron.

Everybody had a good time, and the banter (sometimes on the less gentlemanly side) was so funny that I laughed so much and so hard I got a headache!  All in all a good game. 

The main point of a game! FUN!

Final Victory Points

British :11

United Kingdom of Great Britain  vessels
HMS Neptune 98 Gun Ship of the Line, Flagship-Average Crew-86/98 DPs remaining

HMS Dreadnought 98 Gun Ship of the Line-Average Crew-88/98 DPs remaining

HMS Agamemnon 64 Gun Ship of the Line-Elite Crew-Bowsprit Destroyed, 53/64 DPs remaining

HMS Africa 64 Gun Ship of the Line-Elite Crew-Foremast Destroyed-Captured by Spanish, liberated, retired from action with Foremast Destroyed, gun-decks wrecked, and heavily listing (13/64 DPs remaining)

HMS Sirius 36 Gun Frigate-Elite Crew-Caputred by the French, liberated, retired from action with officer casualties, gun-decks wrecked, and heavily listing (7/36 DPs remaining)

HMS Naiad 38 Gun Frigate-Elite Crew, Bowsprit Destroyed, Gun-deck wrecked, 13/38 DPs remaining

End Result: One Ship of the Line crippled, two frigates crippled

Kingdom of Spain vessels
Rayo 100 Gun Ship of the Line, Kingdom of Spain flagship-Poor Crew-Captured, Gun-Deck wrecked, 35/100 DPs remaining

Neptuno 80 Gun Ship of the Line-Poor Crew-71/80 DPs remaining

San Augustine 74 Gun Ship of the Line-Average Crew-Main Mast lost, 48/74 DPs remaining

Republic of France vessels
Scipion 74 Gun Ship of the Line, Republic of France flagship-Elite Crew-59/74 DPs remaining

Interpide 74 Gun Ship of the Line-Elite Crew-41/74 DPs remaining

Duguay-Trouin 74 Gun Ship of the Line-Average Crew-61/74 DPs remaining

End Result: One Ship of the Line captured

Some pcitures

British and Spanish 1st Rates eyeing each other

The Frigate-3rd Rate British Line vs. the Allied 3rd Rate line

The British 3rd rates take the Rayo!

The British frigate squadron fighting the French 3rd rates yardarm to yardarm!

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