Saturday, November 25, 2017

Bloody Big Balkan Battles Survey - CLOSED

Good Day

I would really appreciate if you would participate in this survey. I am reserraching the demand for Balkan Wars supplement for Bloody Big Battles. Answering this will help us make the best decision of how to get it to you. CLosing Day for survey is December 10th, 2017


With Respect
KTravlos aka Leadhead, PhD

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Play-testing Bloody Big Balkan Battles:Update

Another updating on the play-testing of the Bloody Big Balkan Battles supplement for Bloody Big Battles. I ran a 2nd play-test of Chataldja, while Chris Pringle completed a play-test of Bizani and argues that a 2nd play-test would not be needed. I am thus considering Chataldja closed for play-testing and Bizani conditionally closed. This is an important milestone as all 1st Balkan War Scenarios have been play-tested.

Sarantaporo: 2 Playtests (Chris Pringle)-CLOSED
Dioran: 3 Playtests (Me)-CLOSED
Kilkis-Lahana: 2 Playtests (Me)-CLOSED
Lule-Burgs: 3 Playtests (2 Me, 1 Morten Kristien Andersen)-CLOSED
Kirkkilise: 2 Playtests (Chris Pringle)-CLOSED
Yiannitsa: 2 (Chris Pringle)-CLOSED
Prilep: 2 Playtest (Me, Me and Nacho)-CLOSED
Monastir 2 (Me and Morten, Me)-CLOSED
Kumanovo: 2 (Me , Me and Onur)-CLOSED
Chataldja: 2 (Me, Me and Mehmet Batuhan)-CLOSED
Bizani: 1 (Chris Pringle)-Conditional CLOSED
Breglanitza: 0
Kalimanchi: 1 (ME)
Kresna Gorge :0
Secret non-Scenario Project: 0

That  means that there are three scenarios left to play-test (plus the secret non-Scenario project) or 5 playtests. My hope is to be done with these in the next six months.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Kiss my Hardy Action at Istanbul

Last Sunday we met at the Kararagh Club in Istanbul for a game of Kiss me Hardy, the Too Fat Lardies rules for naval warfare in the Age of Sails. The scenario was fictional inspired by the Caribbean Campaigns during the Revolutionary Wars. During the war of the Second Coalition, somewhere close to Les Saintes, a Spanish and French squadron try to attain junction, while the British are trying to stop them.

the ships and their rosters

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Some playing with toys: Regimental assault in 1877

There was a recent ruckus caused by this article by the owner of the very nice Baccus miniatures 6mm range. Now those of you that follow this blog know that I have dabbled in 6mm in the past, both ancient and in Napolenics, and specifically the Baccus range. Their stuff is phenomenal and worth their price. The main reason why I do 19th century in 10mm is because a) Onur preferred it b) Pendraken does a better job at covering more conflicts.

Now Baccus have been some of the most aggressive exponents of small scale gaming. And by aggressive, I mean sometimes obnoxious. There is no question that they are right that there is a 28mm bias in the industry, and among wargamers. Simply put my expectation from my anecdotal evidence  is that people who game at the smaller scales are more interested in grand tactical and operational gaming. But I have found that most wargamers I have met tend to be first and fore-most adherents of the ooh shinny doctrine. This is not a good or bad thing, but it means that smaller scales will always be a niche hobby in a niche hobby. This is simply because you cannot match the painting detail of 28mm with 6mm or 10mm. Now believe me, if you have the time and skills you can do exceptional things at 6mm and 10mm (see this work of Javier for example ), but the same person could do even more amazing things with 28mm.