Saturday, October 14, 2017

Running some Demos at the Club

In an attempt to fight a bit my gaming/painting ennui I decide to host a game demo day at the Karargah Club. My intention was to demo SAGA, Kiss me Hardy and Perfidious Albion. In the end I ran demos of Saga and Perfidious Albion. I had a good time and remembered how much I enjoy SAGA as a system (I have not played a game in almost 4 years)

For starters I ran a 4 point Saga game with War-hammer Proxies  (the club has an majority of members who play 9th Age)

Highborn Elves (Vikings) vs. Sylvan Elves (Anglo-Danish)

Then I run a small Kiss me Hardy Scenario , pitting a Russian squadron of a 74 gun ships and 40 gun Frigate against a Ottoman similar squadron. The game ended in a draw. The Russians took the Ottoman frigate by boarding, and the Ottomans took the Russian frigate by forcing it to strike colors by multiple rakes!

The Russian Frigate attempts to board the Ottoman Frigage

Ottoman 74 fires broadsides from both sides

Raked to submission! 

A fair meal for a day's fair work

In the rest of the club there were 9th Age battles. Quite bloody and for the ETC Championships in Zagreb later in 2018. 


Chris BBB said...

Good to see you getting your wargaming mojo back, KT!


Bloody Big BATTLES!

Konstantinos Travlos said...

I would say more that I had promised and needed to bring forward. It helps that boht games were breaks from longer and more complex games. But I have promised myself to only focus on the playtests from this point on.