Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A general update: WW2, Salvation and Catastrophe, Ennui, Painting

The start of the semester has found my war-gaming energy a bit down. On the one hand I have been very active in scenario writing and reading rules. "Rommel" by Sam Mustafa and "I aint been shot mum" by Too Fat Lardies (IABSM) have been used by me both as inspirations for WW2 gaming on the Greek front, and as ways to divert some of the current enthusiasm for Bolt Action (And secondarily Flames of War) in Turkey to what I see as superior games. As a result I wrote two scenarios for the Greek front in WW2, both concerning parts of the Battle of Pindus 27th-31st October 1940, during the initial Italian attack on Greece. One scenario is at platoon to company level  for IABSM and the other is a divisional level game for "Rommel". You can find both at my scenario page.

10mm IABSM game

On the research front I finally finished compiling a 73 page document with Orders of Battle for the various forces engaged in the Turkish War of Independence/ Asia Minor Campaign/ Turkish-Armenian War/ Cilician War 1919-1922. These includes specific OOBs for about 50 actions and battles specific to the Greek-Turkish War. This en-devour is part of my broader project "Salvation and Catastrophe" for the upcoming 100 years of the TWI/AMC, which includes both academic research, and war-gaming projects. My intentions is to make the OOBs available for sale for a small price, as a way to fund the hobby and perhaps chip at the students loans that I still have to service.I will keep you posted.

Greek-Turkish War 1919-1922. Greek position assaulted by Turkish infantry

On the other hand though I have not been able to move forward with play-testing the Bloody Big Balkan Battles scenarios. Chris Prngle and his friends, and my friend Morten and his Danish friends, have been a great help. We are very close to finishing the first play-test for every scenario (only 4 left to do) and even for finishing the 2nd play-test for every scenario (8 more play-tests needed). But I have had to do most of mine as solo-games and I find it hard to find the time with the semester started to do this. And I will confess I am just a bit dispirited that not more people have offered to help.This makes me question if the scenario supplement for "Salvation and Catastrophe" that I was planning is worth doing. Anyway we will see. I really would like to see BBB come out in 2018. Hopefully I will find the energy.

At the same time I have reached a painting ennui phase. I have been burned out by the projects of the last year. I really would like to do something new (me and Onur are talking late 17th, early 18th century Ottoman wars, and I am looking at Maurice and Might and Reason for it), but I dread painting full armies. And I am still committed to  a 1866 Austrian Army (which I want to do, but dread painting).

As a diversion from these hobbyist problems I did buy Scythe, a board-game. The goal was to get a game that can accommodate many players, and one that my non-wargaming friends can also enjoy. Scythe has minis, and I decided to paint them up.

The Saxons (German Empire expy)

The Nordics (essentially steampunk Vikings)

Crimea (Tartar expy)

Polonia (Poland expy)

Rusviet (Russia expy)

 To be frank this is a bit of whining and complaining. I am luckier than most in my war-gaming hobby. The last four years have been astounding thanks to Onur, Doruk, Emir and the others here. I got the chance to satisfy one of my long held war-gaming wishes, which was to war-game the 19th century.It is just that I am feeling a bit tired. I am confident it will pass. I just would prefer if this did not happen right now with a major project still undone. We shall see.


vtsaogames said...

Maybe you need to take a break. Next student holiday, head somewhere quiet, and not just a battlefield. I recently spent a week in Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island, spending only one day at the Fortress of Louisbourg. The trip was good.

Steve J. said...

Thanks for the update Konstantinos. My plans to try and game the Balkan Wars scenarios have had a setback as my regular opponent is now working in London for the foreseeable future. On the plus side my wargaming mojo has returned and am currently working on a mini-campaign for Operation Market-Garden. Really enjoying the planning for this and adding painted minis as required.

Hope you find your mojo at some point, but as Vincent said, maybe take a break somewhere and do something utterly unrelated to wargaming and history. Gardening is my great break from the aforementioned or walking in our local woods and on the hills.