Friday, October 27, 2017

A Very Brief post about the 28th October 1940 Anniversary.

("Objectivity is not possible, but honesty is possible". I must be honest. The following post is written from a liberal cosmopolitan perspective. Bear that in mind. Also this is no way a through or complete treatment of the issue, nor an academic treatment. I am not writing ex cathedra here.)

The event celebrated

The protagonists on the ground for the Kingdom of Greece

“Ochi” Day (No day/ Hμέρα Οχί) is the state celebration for the decision of the authoritarian Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Greece, Ioannis Metaxas, to refuse the ultimatum given to him on behalf of the authoritarian Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Italy, Benito Mussolini, which demanded that the government off Greece permit the entry and occupation of key geographic positions within the territory of its dominion, by the armed forces of the Kingdom of Italy and its Albanian Protectorate.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Running some Demos at the Club

In an attempt to fight a bit my gaming/painting ennui I decide to host a game demo day at the Karargah Club. My intention was to demo SAGA, Kiss me Hardy and Perfidious Albion. In the end I ran demos of Saga and Perfidious Albion. I had a good time and remembered how much I enjoy SAGA as a system (I have not played a game in almost 4 years)

For starters I ran a 4 point Saga game with War-hammer Proxies  (the club has an majority of members who play 9th Age)

Highborn Elves (Vikings) vs. Sylvan Elves (Anglo-Danish)

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

A general update: WW2, Salvation and Catastrophe, Ennui, Painting

The start of the semester has found my war-gaming energy a bit down. On the one hand I have been very active in scenario writing and reading rules. "Rommel" by Sam Mustafa and "I aint been shot mum" by Too Fat Lardies (IABSM) have been used by me both as inspirations for WW2 gaming on the Greek front, and as ways to divert some of the current enthusiasm for Bolt Action (And secondarily Flames of War) in Turkey to what I see as superior games. As a result I wrote two scenarios for the Greek front in WW2, both concerning parts of the Battle of Pindus 27th-31st October 1940, during the initial Italian attack on Greece. One scenario is at platoon to company level  for IABSM and the other is a divisional level game for "Rommel". You can find both at my scenario page.

10mm IABSM game