Monday, September 4, 2017

Romanian National Military Museum Part III

Last year I visited Bucharest, Romania to visit a good friend. One of the sites I visited was the National Military Museum. One of the main galleries was closed. I had a chance to visit last week again, and this time the gallery I missed was open. So here you go with pictures. Covering mainly the 19th and 20th century. And jere are 421 photos for you, by me (click for larger image)

The loot
For 19th century gamers and history buffs two awesome books
1) The hard to find book on the Romanian Army of the Russo-Ottoman War of 1877-1878. This is a huge coffee table book. This is 440 page book choke full with photos, maps, sketches, and 16 color plates. Most of it is in Romanian, but there are 30 pages of English summary. This THE BOOK for the Romanian army of the war. A big thanks to Kostas Kandylakis for heping me procure a copy.
2) Book 8 of the Dorobontsul series of osprey style books on the fortification of Foshani and Galatsi, which is a good supplement to my other similar book on th Buchurest fortified zone.
For 20th century gamers and history buffs also two good books
1) A special edition of the Romanian Museums for the Romanian participation in WW1. A good primer on many aspects of the war at 480 pages. Full of photographs! English and Romanian text. The major problems are that a) not enough maps to follow the battles (and cursory coverage of most) and b) the English translation was lazy. Still it gives a good overall intro and opened my interest in getting a good book on a campaign that was much more interested that I was led to believe. A bit too much of the Romanian POV but forgivable.
2) Anotehr book of the Dorbontsul series this time on Romanian armor in the 1919-1947 period.
Finally straddling both, a deck of cards with uniform illustrations for the 1848-19123 period. Each card has a unique uniform plate!

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Steve J. said...

Wow! What a great museum and thanks for sharing the photos. I must admit I'm somewhat jealous.