Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My 28mm Collection

While I started war-gaming with 15mm (DBA), for a very long period I was a 28mm wargamer. Most of my friends played Warhmmaer 40k and most were committed to 28mm. But I never fully felt happy with either choice. Now-days I primarily war-game in  6-10mm scales, as I prefer either large scale operational games like BBB, or large skirmish games like IABSM (company level). I do have 28mm figures for war-gaming, the survivors of a previous era (A 1500 pts Space Marine force, and am ixed GW-Perry Minis 28mm force for Fantasy Games). But nowadays I relegate 28mm to small skirmish games (like Saga). And I collect them and paint them as collector figures, just like I used to do with 54mm figures. Here I will present some pictures of my 28mm figurine collection. There are two themes. One is the Napoleonic Era (Perry, Victrix, Foundry), and the other the Balkan Wars (Tiger Miniatures) Enjoy!

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