Thursday, July 13, 2017

Italians 1940

The counterpart to my Greeks for 1940 are there Italians enemies. Once more 10mm Pithead Miniatures. I have enough forces for a two Platoon Company with various supports.

The Pithead Italians are the same figures as the Greeks with minor changes. They painted fast. I do think I glued the artillery guns, gunshield's, upside down.

With the two forces done time is to used them. I wrote a small scenario based on the Action at Molista during the greater Battle of Pindus. So my men will have to proxy for Alpini. I will try it out solo to learn the rules, than play once with the guys, and then upload it here and at the Two Fat Lardies Yahoo Group.

Here are pictures of the force (CLICK FOR BIGGER IMAGES)

The full force. Avanti Savoie! 


MMG support

The left-overs


From the back

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