Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Danish Field Army 1864

Well I finally painted a Danish 1864 force in miniature. This force is built for Bloody Big Battles, and specifically for the Duppel and Oversee scenarios. This army will be going to our friend Emir, as part of the building process of armies for a "Bismarck's Wars" BBB campaign.

I have always liked the idea of the 1864 2nd Schleswig-Holstein War. Partly due to the dynastic ties between Denmark and Greece, partly due to the story of a minor power getting itself into trouble, partly due the cautionary tale of the perils of nationalism. Also I like the Danish uniform (greatcoats!), and there a many images, like the one below that are evocative.

The "1864" series came and also inspired my interest. But our initial 19th century gaming here was, fairly focused on Ottoman wars. Furthermore for BBB the Danes only appeared in one scenario, and thus did not seem like a good army to get. However, the bee never left me. I did get some danish figures from Pendraken, during the quest for proper proxies for the Greeks in 1897. And thus 10 bases of Danes were sitting around doing nothing. An orphan army.

Now though the guys, having satiated there thirst for Ottoman history with the "Last Century of the Ottomans" BBB Campaign are ready for new periods of the 19th century. There is an interest in the Wars of German Unification. Initially Onur was thinking Prussians, so I gifted my orphan French Republicans to Emir. However, Berkir wanted to do Prussians, and Onur moved to French. I myself will do that other longing of mine, 1866 Austrians. So I asked Emir to give the French to Onur, and offered in return to give him a Danish force. It would not cost me too much, and I would be able to paint it fast. And now it is done.

All figures are Pendraken, 10mm (click on pics for larger image)

There are 26 infantry bases, 2 cavalry bases, 3 field batteries bases and 1 general.
I still have to do the fort component of the danish armies, which is 10 fort guns and their crews.


Steve J. said...

Great looking little force and look forward to seeing the games with them. I went for the 1st Schleswig-Holstein War range of figures as I liked them more and will use them for some Imagi-Nations gaming as well.

Mad Lemmey said...

Must get mine done, because those look brilliant!

Phil said...

Impressive collection, they look great...and lovely flags as well!