Saturday, July 15, 2017

Bloody Big Balkan Battles: Playtests Ongoing

 I decided to take a chance to inform you all about the progress with the Bloody Big Balkan Battles (BBB) project. Right now I am in the play-testing period, with help from Chris Pringle. Our goal is to make sure each of the scenario gets play-tested twice and if possible more times. Right now the situation is as follows


Sarantaporo: 2 Playtests (Chris Pringle)
Dioran: 3 Playtests (Me)
Kilkis-Lahana: 2 Playtests (Me)
Lule-Burgs: 2 Playtests (Me)-> needs a 3rd
Kirkkilise: 2 Playtests (Chris Pringle)
Yiannitsa: 2 (Chris Pringle)
Chataldja: 1 Playtest (Me)
Prilep: 1 Playtest (Me)
Kumanovo: 1 (Me )
Monastir: 1 (Me and Morten)
Bizani: 0
Breglanitza: 0
Kalimanchi: 0
Kresna Gorge :0
Secret non-Scenario Project: 0

Thus 10 of 14 of scenarios have been play-tested once, and 6 of 14 twice. My hope is that I finish the play-tests by Fall 2017. However, this is highly unlikely. At the maximum I would like to be done by Winter 2017. We will see.

One of the goals of the playtests is to also show people that as long as you have the proper tools (which can be very cheap) you can represent the complex Balkan terrain.

Dioran 1913

Kilkis-Lahana 1913

 Lule Burgas 1913 ( the hills are for aesthetic reasons, the scenario map does not require them as it takes care of their effect via a scenario rule)

 Chataldja 1912

Prilep 1912

Kumanovo 1912

Monastir 1912

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