Monday, July 17, 2017

BBB Shiloh

Last week we met at Emir's place to start a Bloody Big Battles mini campaign. I would had preferred play-testing one of my Balkan Wars battles, but the guys were tired of balkan battles. So I put my ACW collection to use. Emir wanted Shiloh so we set it up. Emir and Doruk took command of the Confederacy, while me and Morten of the Union. The game went like the historical battle. The Confederate attack reached Pittsburg Landing, but was stopped. The Union counter-attack reached Shiloh Church, but was stopped short of taking it. Thus a draw. Emir's guns did very well capitalizing on my mistakes , which cost us two divisions. But Morten was able to  well execute  the plan we both had formed. We were able to flank the Confederate line at the sunken road, but alas a well placed artillery shot cost us a victory.

I am a bit sorry for not presenting a more detailed AAR, but I am burned out. You will have to suffice with the Video AAR and some pictures courtesy of Emir and Morten.

Pics in random order (click for larger image)

Early set up. Pittsburg Landing to the right.

The Confederate grand battery pummels a Union brigade.

The confederates cross the sunken road.

Full lay of the battlefield S on left, N on right

The compact table

The Union counter-attack on day two reaches the sunken road

The Union counterattack outflanks the sunken road position

Confederate divisions arriving in Turn 1

The Confederate attack on day one crossing the sunken road to Pittsburg landing

Initial Confederate moves


Toxic Pixie said...

Good read/look! That is a tiny table indeed :)

Konstantinos Travlos said...

indeed but it suits the scenario and history well. I have always appreciated the attempts to scenario creators to respect the reality for a big part of continental wargamers, which is the lack of large tables. Altar of Freedom and Bloody Big Battles do this, as does Great War Spearhead II. Thus I greatly respect all of these systems. I do want more 4x4 and 3x3 high troop density scenarios so that I can easily set them up for people to show them histotical gaming can be done at a good grand tactical level and with doable resources.

Toxic Pixie said...

I'd love to run 12*8ft table sizes, over weekends or more, but it's just not practicable! When I win the lottery...

Even at the club with limited table space, unless a scenario explicitly gives a three hour max game for eight people I can't justify stealing eight foot of table, so I agree - a scenario and system like BBB which can give four people an evening length game on 4*4 or 6*4 max is superb!

Steven Page said...

Very nice game of Shiloh. The terrain often kept our ACW battles from producing a decisive obcome...hard to launch a pursuit with little cavalry and many forests.