Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Play-testing continued BBBB

Morten helped me play-test Monastir 1912. No question it will need another one and some tweaking, but he did like in general the feel, and the fact that Balkan War battles are very different from other periods.

With Monastir, 8 of the 14 scenarios have been play-tested once. Here are some pictures

Sunday, July 23, 2017

I Ain't Been Shot Mum Learning game: Action at Molista Playtest

Now that my Greek and Italian forces for WW2 are done (10mm Pithead Miniatures), I decided to sit down to ran a solo game so I could grasp the basic rules. This was also a play-test for the scenario I am writing, which is based on the Action at Molista, during the Battle of Pindus on 28-30 October 1940 (scenario will be made available after one more playtesting).

The Initial Dispositions with blinds

The scenario focuses on the attempt of the 2nd Battalion "Aquila" of the 9th Alpini Regiment of the 3rd Alpini Division “Giulia” to outflank the strong defense of the Molista village by 2 companies of by Battalion I of the 51st Infantry Regiment of the Davakis Detachment. Historically "Aquila" was able to outflank the Greek forces and drive deep into the Greek positions, before Greek reinforcements counterattacked and drove them back.

Monday, July 17, 2017

BBB Shiloh

Last week we met at Emir's place to start a Bloody Big Battles mini campaign. I would had preferred play-testing one of my Balkan Wars battles, but the guys were tired of balkan battles. So I put my ACW collection to use. Emir wanted Shiloh so we set it up. Emir and Doruk took command of the Confederacy, while me and Morten of the Union. The game went like the historical battle. The Confederate attack reached Pittsburg Landing, but was stopped. The Union counter-attack reached Shiloh Church, but was stopped short of taking it. Thus a draw. Emir's guns did very well capitalizing on my mistakes , which cost us two divisions. But Morten was able to  well execute  the plan we both had formed. We were able to flank the Confederate line at the sunken road, but alas a well placed artillery shot cost us a victory.

I am a bit sorry for not presenting a more detailed AAR, but I am burned out. You will have to suffice with the Video AAR and some pictures courtesy of Emir and Morten.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Bloody Big Balkan Battles: Playtests Ongoing

 I decided to take a chance to inform you all about the progress with the Bloody Big Balkan Battles (BBB) project. Right now I am in the play-testing period, with help from Chris Pringle. Our goal is to make sure each of the scenario gets play-tested twice and if possible more times. Right now the situation is as follows


Thursday, July 13, 2017

Italians 1940

The counterpart to my Greeks for 1940 are there Italians enemies. Once more 10mm Pithead Miniatures. I have enough forces for a two Platoon Company with various supports.

The Pithead Italians are the same figures as the Greeks with minor changes. They painted fast. I do think I glued the artillery guns, gunshield's, upside down.

With the two forces done time is to used them. I wrote a small scenario based on the Action at Molista during the greater Battle of Pindus. So my men will have to proxy for Alpini. I will try it out solo to learn the rules, than play once with the guys, and then upload it here and at the Two Fat Lardies Yahoo Group.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Revisiting Aleksinac via Bloody Big BATTLES

Onur, Emir, Morten and I met up on the 8th of July to do a Bloody Big Battles game, on the occasion of Morten's visit to Istanbul. Since Onur ever had the chance until know to use his Serbian 10mm Army in a game, we decided to revisit the Battle of Aleksinac during the Serbo-Ottoman War of 1876-1877. This is a scenario we had done before, but with proxies for the Serbs.

In that game I had played the Serbs and had been soundly trounced by Onur and Emir. This time Onur and Morten took the role of the Serbian commanders, while I took the role of Abdul Kerim Pasha, Ottoman commander, with Emir taking the role of the subordinate commander Ali Saib Pasha.

My war plan was simple. rather than attacking headlong the strong defensive positions of the Serbs on Golgovicha and Sumatovach, I would demonstrate against them, and sent part of the forces to cross the difficult terrain from the north-east, and sent a strong augmented force under Emir west of the Morava to strike at Trnjani. Once these objectives were taken we could focus if needed on Aleksinac itself. The plan was completely my responsibility, with Emir having the task of executing part of it. I was taking a major calculated risk with the decision to try and outflank the Serbs from the East, as the ground was very broken. But I believed it was a rational gamble.

My plan, Serbian dispositions, and how the battle went (click for bigger picture)

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Danish Field Army 1864

Well I finally painted a Danish 1864 force in miniature. This force is built for Bloody Big Battles, and specifically for the Duppel and Oversee scenarios. This army will be going to our friend Emir, as part of the building process of armies for a "Bismarck's Wars" BBB campaign.

I have always liked the idea of the 1864 2nd Schleswig-Holstein War. Partly due to the dynastic ties between Denmark and Greece, partly due to the story of a minor power getting itself into trouble, partly due the cautionary tale of the perils of nationalism. Also I like the Danish uniform (greatcoats!), and there a many images, like the one below that are evocative.