Thursday, June 29, 2017

Ottoman Army 1860s-1913

It just dawned to me I never made a post about my 10mm Ottoman Army. This was because I was waiting to finish its extension to the Balkan Wars, which is now done. Thus this project is now done. The force is all 10mm figures from Pendraken. It has been assembled and painted to permit me to use it for the 1875-1878 wars, the 1897 Greek-Ottoman War, and the 1st Balkan War. The fact that in the Ottoman armies of the era, redif(reserve) units would be dressed in older uniforms and nizam (regular) units in newer uniforms helps recycle figures.

Photos(click on them for larger pictures)

The whole force

The 1908-1913 contingent 




The 1897 contingent, which can be used as 1877 Nizams, and 1912 Redif

The 1877/1897 artillery

The 1877 contingent. The white caps folks are Albanian redifs and can be used up to 1913. The red-cap folks can be used as 1877 Nizam or Redif, and 1897 Redif. 

1877 Cavalry


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Steve J. said...

What a great looking force. Always nice when you can use the same figures for quite a few different conflicts.