Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Easter gaming at Diavivastis!

With friends organised via the Diavivastis Facebook page, we got together for an evening of war-games at the hospitable Kaissa Peristeriou. We played a game of Kiss me Hardy, and I introduced them to To the Last Man, a Theater level war-game for the Western front in World War 1.

In Kiss me Hardy Yiannis and Panagiotis were given command of  two British 74 guns ships, the HMS Thunderer, and the HMS Revenge. Against them I took command of the 130 gun Spanish ship Santissima Trinidad. So a classical game of British pluck vs.  Spanish power.

The Spanish had the goal of escaping from the British, while the British had the usual; "sink-capture-drive from the seas" the enemy ship.

The opening scene. The Santissima is close to you, the two british ships further back. 

Opening shots!

The HMS Thunderer firing on the Santissima.

Close in melee!

The British ships have put the Spanish behemoth between them. 

The smoke of battles.

Final shots

The Spanish ship was pummeled to surrender. Crippled, with its guns take out, and two masts gone. The Thunderer took the burnt of the wrath of the Spanish. It ended crippled, but survived two turns of fire with close calls for explosions. The Revenge took some fire, but was able to escape, and did good work on the Spaniard. Good show. After that we played the summer 1914 turn of To the Last Man with Yiannis and Chris.

All in all a good show!


A Miniatures Hobby Room said...

Fun reading Konstantinos. KMH are my favorite rules also.

Nacho Pérez said...

The Santísima Trinidad was the great and better sail ship ever made it! It's impossible lose with him!! Santiago y cierra España! XD