Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Battles to Operations: BBB Balkan Wars

I decided to plot, approximately the area covered by me BBB Balkan Wars scenarios on the broader campaigns. This will show people how much of the campaign is actually covered, and where those battles took place and their relations to each other. They also should provide people with a filling of how different the campaigns were.

First Balkan  War

If you have read Edward Ericksson's excellent "Defeat in Detail" you can see why the Ottoman army was defeated. The war had five different theaters, of which three are covered by my and Chris's BBB scenarios. But you will notice how the Greek and Serbian theater are connected geo-graphically. The lack o adequate cooperation between the allies, partly due to competing strategic goals, meant that this geographic contiguity was not used to its full advantage, something that extended the war in the Western Balkans to 1913.  

Second Balkan War 

What stands out here is the very local character of the most intense fighting (covered by our BBB scenarios). Most of the battles took place along the corridor created by the Vardar/Axios and Strumintza/Strymonas rivers. The Greek and Serbia war-effort were geographically connected. But while there was more cooperation than in 1912, it still was inadequate. It defeated the Bulgarian attacks, but it meant that then the Bulgarians were able to check in detail the Serbs and Greeks.

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