Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Maritime Museum Greece-Piraeus

I took the chance of good weather in Athens and  visited the Maritime Museum of Greece in Piraeus. This is the last major military museum of Athens that I had not visited (the War Museum, the National History Museum, and the Armored Cruiser Averoff  have been visited. Use the "Museums" label to see the posts on those.)

The museum is  bit hard to get to from the center of the city, but easy if you came to Athen's via sea at the Piraeus port. You need to get to the port, and then take the 904 or 300 City Bus to either Plateia Fredyttou, or Tzaneio Hospital. A taxi can also take you there. It is close to the ZEA Marina.

It is cheap to get in (4 Euros, 2 Euros specials). The Museum is not large. About an hour will fully cover it. But it has a lot of cool artifacts, and especially ship models. The book store is full of good stuff, most in greek, but some in english, all in very cheap prices.

The electircal railway stop at Pireaus

The outside of the museum. The sea in the front, and across the Ellinikon-Faliron-Voula areas

Conning tower of Greek WW2 Submarine Papanikolis

one of the small collection of weapons outside.

The interior of the museum

Greek bireme.

Venetian galley

Eastern  Roman Dromon


19th Century Lighthouse (from Dedeagats/Alexandroupolis)

Models of ancient Greek vessels and maritime installations 

Entering the surprisingly large collection of bone bases model ships


Dutch masters!

Maritime Ancient Greece

The War at Sea during the Greek Revolution

Medals for Navarino

Map with naval battles (red) and fireship operations (yellow) during the Greek Revolution

wood from ships sunk in Navarino bay

Psara galliot

Greek naval leaders of the Revolution

Great model of the heavy firgate Hellas. First capital ship of the Greek fleet

Ships of the main greek rebel islands. Hydra, Spethsai, Psara

waistcoat of a Greek rebel admiral

The steam ship Karteria I think

Personal artifacts of Admiral Miaoulis 


I believe the brig Ares.

The corvette or brig Ludovikos, one of the first post- Revolutionary greek ships

The steam frigate Hellas or Amalia (cannot remember)

A Kucuk Kainarji Certificate for Greek merchant ship

Balkan Wars-1st World War-Interwar period exhibits

A DIVINE model of the pre-dreadnought ironclad battleship Psara. I kid you not, this is an exceptional model.

Naval commanders of Balkan Wars, 1st World War

More Psara model goodness 

King Constantine, and portraits of King Otto and King George

The most awesome exhibit. Two models of the "Salamis" a dreadnought class ship ordered from German shipyards in the Eastern Mediterranean Arms Race of 1913-1914. The ship was never completed due to the onset of the First World War. There are two models! One is the Salamis in the initial battle-cruiser plans, and the other in its final battleship plan.  

Artifacts from the battles of the First Balkan War

More Salamis goodness!

The ships tat never were, for the War that Never Was.

The Battle of Elli

The steam cruiser Navarhos Miaoulis. A armed ships used as the main training vessel of the Greek navy.

Another Psara picture. What an exquisite model!

Destoryers, Gunboats, Torpedo boats of the Greek navy of the Balkan Wars

A massive model of the Armored Cruiser Averoff!

The Periscope of the submarine Delfin

Battle of Lemnos

One of the torpedoes used on the disarmed Ottoman ironclad Fetih-I-Buled

Model of the Torpedo boat

Artefacts from Fetih-i-Buled

Large model of the ex-USA ship, pre-dreadnought Battleship "Kilkis", bought as a stop-gag measure in 1914 in reaction to the Ottoman purchases of dreadnought battleships. 

Ottoman Trophies. Probably taken when the Ottoman fleet surrendered 

The training ship Evrotas

The submarine Delfin

Steam bombard ship

Chart of the Battles of Ellis and Lemnos, the details are the hits the Greek fleet claims to had made on the Ottoman ships "Torgud Reis" and "Hayderrin Barbarossa"

Uniform of Greek officer killed in the operations for the liberation/occupation of Chios

The Wold War 2 and Moden Ear exhibits

Training ship

from the sinking of the Light Cruiser Ellis by an Italian submarine.

Model of Elli

list of losses of Greek ships in WW2

Medals of Greek officer of WW2, including Egyptian ones.

Periscope of Greek WW2 Submarine

Destroyer Vasilisa Olga and artifacts 

Flower Corvette 

Losses of the Greek submarine fleet in WW2

Surrender of the Italian fleet

Cyprus War

Modern Greek Fleet

Recognition models for WW2

Machine Guns

WW2 Ship used for support of WW2 resistance operations

Modern Corvette 

Exhibit on Greek Commercial Navy

Misc stuff

View of Zea

500 pages, hard back. 15 Euros. Museum Shop


David Crook said...

Hi Konstantinos,

That is a wonderful selection of photos of a museum that is certainly on my to do list! I liked the models being used to illustrate the naval battles of the Balkan War - which I have gamed in 1/3000th - and the close ups of the Psara and the Averoff are much appreciated. The naval side of the Balkan War has always interested me as there is a classic example of how the gaming side has more potential than the history delivered!

I am looking to revisit the naval side of the Balkan War and am also looking at the land side using BBB and 3mm models. I am getting some blog posts together on this but can safely say that this post of yours has given me a nudge!

All the best,


Steve J. said...

What a wonderful selection of model ships. Simply stunning! Thanks for posting:)

David said...

I am hoping to get to Athens for the first time in early February. I am not sure if I will get to this one but, until now, I did not even know that it existed! I will have a read of your other museum posts as well. Thanks for sharing