Thursday, December 29, 2016

BBB December 2016 Sessions

Over the last three weeks I had a number of BBB games. The first was Montebello with Mehmet and Kerem, and the second two sessions of Domokos with the guys at the facebook group "Diavivastis".

Greek troops of the 1897 war.

1) Mehmet (of Trial by Fire fame), came over to Istanbul and we did a quick BBB battle, using the Montebello training scenario. He had brought a friend, Kerem, so it was good chance to expand the circle of BBB players. The game ended in a Defeat for the French forces under my command, as Kerem in his first outing committed a coup d'oeil and used his Austrian's aggressively to hem in the French away from the objectives!

Photos from the Montebello game

Armies were 10mm Pendraken. Russians for 1877 proxied for Austrians, and US Union for the French.

2) I traveled to Athens for the vacations (from whence I write these lines). As part of it I organised a all day session of the BBB scenario for the Battle of Domokos of the Greek-Ottoman War of 1897 for the members of the Facebook Group "O Diavivastis". I have helped organise this group in the hopes of getting more exposure to BBB, and other historical games in Greece, though there already is a very strong historical wargames group in Greece centered around the venerable Strategekon club. 

I ran two sessions, with my 10mm 1897 Greeks and 1877/1897 Ottoman armies put to their intended use. I would had preferred better terrain but this was the best I could do. Vaggelis, Chris, and Nikos attended the first session, of which I did a video report, and Yiannis the second one. In the first session me and Chris commanded the Ottomans, and bickered (Chris is a very very old friend) and thus were soundly defeated by the better Greek command (capturing only one objective). In the second session I took the Greeks and Yiannis commanded the Ottoman forces. With good command and good aggressiveness, he was able to attain a victory, with three objectives , two of them adjacent. Thus 1 Ottoman, 1 Greek victory, and no personal victories! For the second session I only took photographs. 

Here is the Video AAR of the first session

An here are the pictures from the second session

To the right is the North, and the Thessalian Plain from which the Ottoman forces advance. To the Left is south and the high ground around Domokos held by greeks. Towards the bottom is Narthikas Mountain, and the region from which historically and in the game the Ottoman flanked the greek defense. The cards on the table are from the game Saboteur and are used to designate BUA areas (in the first game we had buidlings). 

1st Turn. Greeks deployed and Ottoman forces arriving.

The Ottomans advance on Narthika Mountain

Turn 2 I believe, general Ottoman advance. Greek mobile reserves deploying.

Opening shots in the center

The Evzones try to hold Kirslar

The Evzones are broken

Turn 3 or 4

Looking from South to North. 

Garibaldini in support of a Greek regiment in entrenchments. 

The main greek defensive line.

Looking at the fighting on Mount Narthika

Albanians advancing to flanking position

The Otommans slowly cross the rough ground.

Central Section

East Section, Ottomans coming down the hills and high ground of Narthika mountain. Objective in the foreground.

West Section

Deadly firefights

The greek positions on the hill in the East Section

West Section 

Central Section

The Ottomans gain a second objective for a draw. But the two units are disrupted and low on ammo.

Central Section. A stelmate. Adrianopole Nizam, armed with Mauser's exchange shots with Gras armed greek infantry in villages.

West Section

Coming down the bad ground.

Central Section

Stelmate in the West Section


The Ottoman Assault beat back by defensive fire.

Center Section

West Section. Each side holds a objective securely. 

East Section. Allah! Allah! The Ottoman infantry storms the hill and gains two adjacent objectives! Thus giving victory!

Center Section at the end.


Chris BBB said...

Great AARs. thanks, Konstantinos. I particularly liked the photos from "10mm-figure's-eye-view".


Bloody Big BATTLES!

Steve J. said...

Nice AARs Konstantinos:). I really must get two forces together for some 1864-1870 battles. So many projects, so little time...