Monday, November 7, 2016

Small Update: Kiss Me Hardy, 1912-1922 Evzones

Hi all

Over the last month we played Katsljevo-Ablava with Onur for our BBB campaign, Last Century of the Ottomans (AAR up coming, you can find the youtube video embedded below)

I have been working on scenarios for the Bloody Big Balkan Battles Project.

Yesterday Emir came and I introduced him to Kiss me Hardy. We played a simple 2 vs. 2, 74 Rate, scenario and hi won (2 of my ships captured, 1 of his retired).

Finally I finished my first unit o 10mm Evzones in the 1909-1922(extendable maybe to 1941 with proper colors and maybe the sculpting of a helmet) uniform. They will be part of my growing Balkan Wars Greek Army.


Chris BBB said...

Enjoyed the video, thanks, Konstantinos! The sound got a bit fuzzy in places but it gave a sense of the participants' excitement at the action. Where did you find all those nice pics you interspersed? Well done on getting so close to victory, commiserations on falling short. Did the Russian Gatlings get to make a difference?


Bloody Big BATTLES!

Konstantinos Travlos said...

The sound issue was me forgetting not to block the microphone receptor on the tablet I used. Sorry! Pics are partly from all over the net, and partly from my collection of ottoman paintings. I have created a pdf of those and you can download it form the 19th Century Warfare and Wargames Facebook group.

The guns did not make much of a difference. Thanks for making that scenario Chris!