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Horizon Wars – Warhammer 40k equivalency guidelines (Draft)

Preface: I have always liked the universe of Warhammer 40k. What I have not been warm to is the actualization on the board. So I am always out for the lookout for potential rules, that meet my gaming preferences, and can permit me to dip my cup in the rich drink of the 40k Fluff (rekindled by shows like If the Emperor had a Text to Speech Device, The Lord Inquisitor Prologue, and the mesmerizing trailer for Dawn of War Three).

Recently I exchanged Frostgrave, a excellent system I did not have the chance to play, with Horizon Wars. Reading about them on the net made me interested in them.  Once I got them I went through the book once, and while the fluff left me cold (beyond Era IV), the meat of the matter, the mechanisms, seem to give a solid fast game, amenable to scripted scenarios (ala Bloody Big Battles and Altar of Freedom). I have begun thinking about how to modify HW (Horizon Wars) for 40k. Below you can find a first draft of army lists ,and some discussion of the philosophy I am following. These are drafts. Feel free to pick up ideas or modify the (as long as you make those modifications and ideas available for free to the gaming community). My goal is to play-test them a bit and then write a six narrative scenario supplement based on Battles of the Angels of Fury (the chapter I created for my 40k Space Marine Army). Feel free to give feedback.

Horizon Wars – Warhammer 40k equivalency guidelines (Draft)
By K.Travlos
General Notes

In general HW (Horizon War) conventional units in 40k (Warhammer 40000), in the authors view are best considered as to represent infantry or armored units with their support elements. For example a heavy cavalry unit might represent a lance of two squadrons of Leman Russ Tanks, supported by mobile artillery and infantry detachments.  Infantry bases might include transportation vehicles like Rhinos and Chimeras, or light infantry support vehicles like Razorbacks. In another name conventional forces designations should not be seen as literal representations of specific weapons, but more as an indicator of the mission role of  forces that can contain an array of necessary and optional platforms .Mech designations are kept for super heavy armor and Titan class weapons, and aircraft for true-aircraft as opposed to skimmers or hover machines. I am leaving Titans and super-heavy weapons for a second part or the work of others.
Note that these are guidelines for pre-made scenarios, not tournament and not balanced play. They have not been play-tested. Feel free to use them as a basis for your own lists. If one of your favorite units is not present, take into consideration the notes above, and ask yourselves if it makes sense to reproduce the full variety of 40k for HW.

Space Marines (Servants Astral)
Special Rules: All units but Scouts, Heavy Artillery, and Armored Cavalry,  have +1 Presence, +1 Armor. Space Marine Units ignore the first point of damage they suffer in the game.

·         Scout  Squads (Recon)
·         Space Marine Tactical Squads with Rhino or Razorback Support (Mobile Infantry)
·         Assault Marines supported by Land Speeders (Mobile Infantry with AntiGrav upgrade)
·         Space Marine and Scout Marine Bike Squads (Light. Cavalry)
·         Space Marine Devastator Squad with Rhino or Razorback Support (Lt Art)
·         Whirlwind and other heavy artillery supports (Armored  Artillery)
·         Terminator Squads (Heavy Infantry)
·         Dreadnoughts (Heavy Infantry with Strike Ability)
·         Land Raiders and other Predators (Armored Cavalry)

Imperial Guard (Servants Militant)
Special Rules: None, stats as per book

·         Imperial Guard Squad supported by ab-humans (Lt.Infantry)
·         Imperial Guard Squad Supported by Chimera’s, Taurus or other APC (Mobile Infantry)
·         Imperial Guard Stormtroopers (Special Forces with Traps)
·         Imperial Guard Drop-Troops (Airborne Infantry)
·         Imperial Guard Hellhound or Sentinel Squadrons (Light Cavalry)
·         Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons Squads (Lt. Artillery)
·         Imperial Guard Earth-shaker Cannons, Manticores, Death-Strikes etc (Armored Artillery)
·         Imperial Guard Armored Lances (Heavy Cavalry)

Chaos Space Marines (Servants of the Multitude)
Special Rules: All units with the exception of Cultists have +1 Presence, +1 Armor. These includes weapon platforms as I assume them to be touched by the Chaos Gods.
Cultists have the suicide ability: Remove them from play and add their A to P for the purposes of close combat.

·         Cultists (Lt.Infantry)
·         Chaos Marine  (Mobile Infantry)
·         Raptors  (Mobile Infantry with Anti-Grav upgrade)
·         Bike Hordes (Light. Cavalry)
·         Havocs or Obliterators (Lt Art)
·         Defilers or other Heavy Artillery (Armored  Artillery)
·         Terminator or Obliterator Posses (Heavy Infantry)
·         Dreadnoughts or Hellbrutes (Heavy Infantry with Strike Ability)
·         Land Raiders and other Predators (Armored Cavalry)
·         Possessed (AB Infantry)

Dark Eldar (Warp Pirates)
Special Rules: All Dark Eldar units have the Rapid Special Rule. All Dark Eldar units with more than 1 A, are -1 A.

·         Dark Eldar Wyches or Mandrakes (Light Infantry with Trap Ability)
·         Dark Eldar Warriors Supported by Raiders or Reavers (Mobile Infantry)
·         Dark Eldar Reavers (Light Cavalry)
·         Dark Eldar Helions (Recon with Anti-Grav Ability)
·         Dark Eldar Wyches (Special Forces with Trap Ability)
·         Dark Eldar Scourges (AB Infantry)
·         Various Monstrosities (Heavy Infantry)

Eldar (The Elder Ones)
Special Rules: All Eldar Units have the Strike Ability, +1 D,+2 Presence

·         Guardians Supported by Wave Serpents (Light Infantry)
·         Eldar Rangers (Recon with Trap Ability))
·         Vyper ,Windrider  or Shining Spear Squadron (Lt.Cavalry)
·         Swooping Hawks (AB Infantry)
·         Wraithguard or Wraithblades (Mobile Infantry)
·         War-walkers or Wraithlords (Heavy Infantry)
·         Eldar Supprot Weapons or Dark Reapers (Light Artillery)
·         Autrach Squads (Special Forces)
·         Flacons and Prisms (Heavy Cavalry with Anti-Grav)

Orks (Reavers of the Universe)
Special Rules: All Ork are +1 Presence, +1 A, -1 M with the exception of Gretchins.
Gretchins have the suicide ability: Remove them from play and add their A to P for the purposes of close combat.

·         Gretchin Slaves (Lt.Infantry with Traps Ability)
·         Ork Boyz (Light Infantry)
·         Ork Boyz supported by Trucks and other mobility devices (Mobile Infantry)
·         Heavily Armored Ork Boyz or Nob (Heavy Infantry)
·         Mega Nobz or Killa Kans etc (Heavy Infantry with Strike Ability)
·         Commandos (Special Forces with Trap Ability)
·         Flying Ork Boyz (Airborne Infantry)
·         Ork Boyz on Fast-Flimsy Devices or Angry Animals (Lt.Cavlary)
·         Gretchin Operated Support Guns (Lt. Artillery)
·         Mega Cannons etc (Armored Artillery)
·         Battle Wagons and other armored contraptions (Heavy Cavalry)

Tau (The Young Ones)
Special Rules: All Tau units ,with the exception of the Kroot, have +1 F, and Guide Fire Ability. Tau units with more than 1A are -1A.

·         Kroot (Recon with Trap Ability)
·         Pathfinders (Special Forces)
·         Tau Fire Warriors Supported by Devil Fish (Mobile Infantry)
·         Tau Crisis and other light Battle Suits (Heavy Infantry with Anti-Grav Technology)
·         Broad-side Battle Suits (Lt.Art)
·         Riptide Battle Suits (Armored Artillery with Anti-Grav Technology)
·         Hammer-heads (Heavy Cavalry with Anti-Grav Technology)
·         Piranha Squads (Light Cavalry )

Necrons (The Dead Ones)
Special Rules: All Necrons are -1 M,+1 A. Necron Heavy Cavalry has the Repair Ability.

·         Flayed Ones (Recon)
·         Wraiths (Special Forces)
·         Necron Warriors and other Infantry Necrons (Heavy Infantry)
·         Tomb Blades (AB Infantry)
·         Destroyers (Lt. Art)
·         Stalkers and Spiders (Light Cavalry)
·         Monoliths and Obelisks (Heavy Cavalry)

Use Imperial Guard or Tau depending on victim race
·         Pure Strain Gene-stealers and various servants –Special Forces with Trap Ability +1 Presence, -1 F

Tyranids (They who devour)
Special Rules: Termagants, Hormugants, Gargolyes are – 1 Presence only for Mustering Purposes) 
·         Termagants and Hormugants (Lt. Infantry)
·         Gargolyes (AB Infantry)
·         Tyranid Warriors and Other similar Types )(Heavy Infantry)
·         Carnifex  and other similar Creatures (Heavy Cavalry)
·         Exocrine and other similar Creatures (Lt. Artillery)
·         Zonathropes-Venomthropes and Similar (Mobile Infantry)


Precinct Omega said...

A few thoughts:

First up I notice a few factions take a -1 A modifier. Toy might like to clarify how this affects things with a base A1 profile, like light infantry, as this would mean they are dead before they reach the battlefield.

Second, you might be surprised to hear that I had the Epic enthusiast in my thoughts when I wrote the rules. As you'll have noticed, Era IV is there for just such a setting. But I also developed the CR rules especially to allow a degree of flexibility to accommodate this kind of idea. A lot of other things (deep deploying heavy infantry, for example) aren't legal in the rules as written (because they'd be lethally effective!), it's obvious how to create them for yourself, if you want to.

Finally, for Necrons and Tyranids, don't forget the DataWar and BioWar supplements, which are still currently free to download (and still, technically, in beta, so I welcome any suggestions).

Konstantinos Travlos said...

Hey thanks very much. Yes I noticed that issue after making the draft and I have not yet figured out how to fix it. Will look at it for the second draft. Thanks for the other suggestions as well. And yes the combinations are not legal but that was on purpose, as my goal is not points play but narrative scenarios ala BBB or Altar of Freedom.

Anika said...

Your website is very nice and interesting