Friday, October 28, 2016

Greek Army for War of 1897

Another project is done. This is a Greek Army in 10mm (Pendraken Miniatures) for the Greek-Ottoman War of 1897. Specifically it is built for the Battle of Domokos scenario in "Bloody Big European Battles". There are no dedicated ranges in 10mm for this army. Indeed the only dedicated range is a set of Greek Evzones in 25/28mm by Eureka miniatures. I thus had to work through proxies. This might be the only 1897 Greek army in miniature, in existence at 10mm, that I am aware of. Hopefully not for long!

Building the Army

After much research I decided on using codes from Pendraken's 1879-1883 War of the Pacific Line for the regular Greek infantry. The specific codes are SAP1 for foot in greatcoat, and SAP2 for foot in normal tunic.

For command I used Pendraken ACW Union command.

The Evzones were the trickiest part. In the end I went for AU12 , Grezner's for 1848-1859 Austrian Armies. I cut off the shacko and used putty to create a farreos (greek fez) like hat, though at points it can look more like a beret.

Command is ACW Pendraken Union general. Cavalry is ACW Pendraken Union Calvary. Artillery is all War of the Pacific codes, and while I am not 100% sure on the prevalence of the have-lock in the Greek army, it will have to do. Garibaldini (the roving ideologists of the 19th century) are the Pendraken Garbaldini code.

Between my Ottoman, Russian, and Greek armies, and Onur's Serbia and Ottoman Armies, we can probably set up some cool campaigns, and can cover a massive amount of BBB historical scenarios.

The full Army of Thessaly at Domoko

 The 1st Division of the Army of Thessaly

The 2nd Division of the Army of Thessaly

Garibladini and Evzones

The Command (Prince Constantine, later King of the Greeks) and Cavalry

Further Evzones (needed for Velestino BBB, and 1st Balkan War)


Chris BBB said...

I really like these. Your best army yet! The dark blue ranks of regular infantry provide just the right backdrop for the red-coated Garibaldini, jaunty evzones and cavalry in their sharp green uniforms to stand out against. Can't wait to see these in action!


Bloody Big BATTLES!

Chris said...

Bravo! I was doing some research on that war, and was thinking about how to do it in miniature. I don't normally game in the smaller scales, but suitable figures are usually more available.

The Balkans are really attractive (if that's the word) as a framework for wargaming, as it seems like just about every nation went to war at some time or other with every other nation, so the possibilities are endless!

Best regards,

Chris Johnson

Konstantinos Travlos said...

Thank you Chris Pringle.

Thank you as well Chris Johnson. Yes there is a lot to do. In 28mm and 15mm there are almost full ranges for the 1912-1913 wars. Funnily there are 28mm Evzones for 1897, but nothing else :p

Obviously at 6mm it gets easier to poxy.

Steve J. said...

Great work and I love the dynamic feel you have managed to get on your small bases:)

Phil said...

Very nice job, a beautiful army!

Anika said...

Your blog is great. It’s very interesting