Friday, September 2, 2016

Armored Cruiser Georgios Averoff

Over my summer vacation I had the happy occasion to take two Turkish friends to visit the Armored Cruiser Averoff ship musuem at Faliron Athens. The ship is one of the great historical artifacts of Greece and a veteran of the First Balkan War (were it saw action in the Naval Battles of Lemnos and Elli), the First World War (where it did not see much action beyond some shelling), and the Second World War (where it saw action in evading German air and navy pursuit, and then convoy service in the Indian Ocean). Miraculously is escaped the breakers and is now a floating musuem in Greece. It is the largest pre-1914 ship in Europe, and one of the few pre-dreadnoughts left in the world (together with the Aurora, Mikasa-excluding ironcalds and steam ships from the ironcald era).

Serkan and Doruk loved it, and I once more enjoyed it. We made sure to ask for the special visit to the engine room. If you visit it make sure to ask politely the conscript sailors serving on it (the ship is still on the greek naval list and has a active flag). You can easily reach it form the center of athens by taking the Tram from Syntagma to Trocadero (its takes time but it is the most straight-forward).

Here is a ton of pictures taken by Serkan mainly, with some of mine. The ship is a very open museum, with tons of artefacts and a lot of the areas open to public (though not all)

Battle damage on the secondary turrets from the First Balkan War

The forward turret. A part of its armor has been taken out to permit a view of the interior.

The aft coning tower

The forward conning tower

Shell fragments from the Balkan Wars

cigarette boxes

model of pre-dreadnought Kilkis (Ex USN Idaho or Illinois)

Main Gun armor width

scuttles to the magazines

shell fragment

The table used by the admiralty in the 1930s for controlling the Greek fleet.

Armored citadel armor width


Ian Dury said...

Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing. Never I have another place I want to visit!
Have you visited HMS Warrior?

Konstantinos Travlos said...

No I have not I fear. I have never been in England long enough to be able to make time for Portsmouth.

Ian Dury said...

I have the guide book, I will scan it for you