Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Orphan 19th Century Armies and 1897 Greeks

Over the period of building up BBB armies I have ended up with bases for various armies I did not intend to collect. This is because I had to use codes from them for proxies for other forces.  This was before I learned of how accommodating to Special Orders Leon and the Pendraken team is. Thus I have units for BBB for armies I might not fully collect, though I will probably buy enough of some of them for the smaller scenarios. At the same time I have completed my first Greek bases, all of them command bases.

1st: French 1870/1871

18 bases of Infantry. 

8 Bases Gardes Mobile/Nationale (Bought in the Great 1897 Greeks Proxy Search)

 7 Bases of Imperial Guard Voltiguers in Bonnet de Police (bought to proxy Pennsylvanian units in the ACW Union Peninsular Campaign Army) 

Four Bases Volunteers of the West (Papal Zouaves) (Bought for a Union Zouave Regiment in my ACW Peninsular Campaign Army)

This army is the most likely to grow, as Coulmiers only needs 10 more bases of Infantry. Thus a pack of Regiments de Marche should nicely complete it. 

2nd : Brazilians 1864-1870 

This collection of seven bases were from left-overs from my large Union ACW Army for the Peninsular Campaign. In the very long term I would be interested in building up the armies for my Tuyuti scenario, but its not a priority.

3rd: Danes 1864

I always wanted to collect armies for 1864. These Danes were initially bought as potential proxies for 1897 Greeks. However in the end I decided to go with SAP1 and SAP2 as proxies for the Greek Line Infantry.  These 10 bases will probably see the addition of 18 others to give my a Danish Army for the Dybbol-Als BBB scenario.

Back to the Greeks!

Here is what I have ready. Three cavalry bases (also work as Russian Dragoons 1877), 2 Bases of Gendarmie, and five command bases, one of Garibaldini, plus a general (Crown Prince Constantine) I still need 21 more bases for the Greek army at Domokos, but I now finally have a good idea of what will work as proxies.

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Konstantinos Travlos said...

I ma hppy to say that my orphans found homes. The Danes were added to other Danes and went to Emir. The French will be the start of Onur's French 1870 Army. The Brazilian zoauves were added to that. The other Brazilians were rebased for service in my ACW Union Army (as marines).

With Respect