Sunday, July 24, 2016

Last Century of the Ottomans: 3rd Battle of Pleven using BBB

Well after a bout of unneeded real world excitement, we decided to take a break into military history and toy soldiers, and got together with Onur, Emir, and Mortens who is visiting from Denmark with his family (this will be a vacation to remember!)  to run our next battle in our BBB Last Century of the Ottomans campaign. We decided to skip Katseljevo/Ablava, and will play it as the next one, and instead played the 3rd Battle of Pleven.  Emir hosted us at his home.

Emir and Onur took command of the Ottomans, with Emir as CnC and Onur as second in command. I and Morten took command of the allies. He controlled the Romanians and Skobolevs force, while I took on the IX and IV Corps.
The Romanians storm Grivitza

Saturday, July 9, 2016

BBB Battle of Tacna (with Proxies)

Our good friend from Denmark, Morten's is visiting, so we decided to run a fast game of BBB. After discussion we settled on the Battle of Tacna (also known as the Battle of the Alliance Heights) for the War of the Pacific. Fought in 1880 this battle was the decisive battle of the war seeing the destruction of the Peruvian and Bolivian regular armies and Chilean dominance in the pacific littoral. Peru would continue fighting, but Bolivia de facto, even if not de jure, dropped out of the war. The battle it self sees a better quality Chilean army storming gentled slopped heights from a comparable in numbers, but worse quality allied army.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Orphan 19th Century Armies and 1897 Greeks

Over the period of building up BBB armies I have ended up with bases for various armies I did not intend to collect. This is because I had to use codes from them for proxies for other forces.  This was before I learned of how accommodating to Special Orders Leon and the Pendraken team is. Thus I have units for BBB for armies I might not fully collect, though I will probably buy enough of some of them for the smaller scenarios. At the same time I have completed my first Greek bases, all of them command bases.

1st: French 1870/1871

18 bases of Infantry. 

6mm Prussian Napoleonics Done

A very old project is now almost done. Back in 2009 (gosh 7 years ago) I talked a friend in Greece to get into 6mm Napoleonics. We pooled our resources and got the French vs. Prussians box from Bacchus, together with Polemos. The plan was that I would paint the French and he would paint the Prussians. But as life goes the plans went awry. His life was much harder then mine, and he was also in long term relationship, got married and became a dad. So he never was able to tackle the project. I , more of a free  bird and foolish in my youth to spend time painting minis rather than writing papers, did finish part of  the French portion and part of the Prussian portion (see here, here and here). But without and opponent that project went to a back-burn. Furthermore the Polemos rules simply did not work for us.

Seven years passed, during which I would paint a bit, but largely this project was in the way back-burn. But with the introduction to Bloody Big Battles, and a new generation of Napoleonic Grand Tactical Rules like Blucher, I came to see a new use for these armies, ranging from Red vs. Blue proxies for various BBB scenarios, to Blucher games.  Thus I threw myself at them. First I finished off the French Heavy cavalry, and then I worked on the full Prussian Army. I rebased the Prussians from the 60x30mm Polemos bases to my universal system of 20x20 Bases.And finished them off. So here they are in their tiny glory.

The Infantry and Artillery compoment