Thursday, June 23, 2016

Last Century of the Ottomans BBB 2nd Pleven 1877

Our campaign goes on. To date we have played the following battles:

Kurudere 1854 Russians (Onur and Emir) vs. Ottomans (me)-> Russian Victory (Historical)

Alexinac 1875 Serbians (me) vs. Ottomans (Onur and Emir)->Ottoman Victory (Historical)

Nikopolis 1877 Russians (Onur and Emir) vs. Ottomans (me)-> Russian Victory (Historical)

Now came the turn of the great battle of 2nd Pleven, the first serious attempt of the Russians to take Pleven and annihilate Osman Pasha's Army, that straddled their communications lines.

The video report

Onur took the role of the Russians wanting to further develop his skills in conducting assaults in BBB. I donned by imaginary fez and took command of the doughty Ottomans of Osman Gazi Pasha

While this is a scenario we are familiar with, having played it twice before (all time the historical result of Ottoman victory), Onur has now become very good as lunching assaults within BBB and we wanted to take a crack at it as part of the campaign.

My own strategy was to create a strong mobile reserve and wait to see how the Russian plan developed. Onur seems to have opted for putting pressure everywhere with the hope that a) that would dissipate the mobile reserve b) make it harder to deny two objectives to the Russians.

In general his plan was a good one. It permitted the Russians, for the first time ,in several games of 2nd Pleven to take two objectives (though friction also played a role as at a key point an Ottoman Unit vacated its defensive position against orders), one of them via a Calvary attack! The problem was that my mobile reserve was strong enough that I was able to plug the gaps and re-take the objectives. One of the main issues was that it took a lot of  time to mass Russian guns, as the Ottomans were able to most of the time silence them. Onur was thus never able to silence Grivitza or Ibrahim Tabiya which permitted the Ottomans to hold well. It is clear from this game that the Russian player must somehow neutralize the Ottoman mobile reserve, which is strong enough to place any objectives taken into question. Still Onur has been the closest to winning this game as the Russian and for that deserves all the accolades. 
Photos  (most by Onur)

The setup

The Ottoman deployment

Grivitza and the powerful mobile reserve

the southern flank

After the Russian Deployment

Turn 1

Turn 2

The Russians attacking Radichevo

Russian forces closing on Grivitza

Turn 3

Turn 4

The Russian assult Ibrahim Tabiya

Turn 5

Ottoman mobile reserve moving to assist Grivitza

Russians attacks on Ibrahim Tabiya stalled
Turn 6

The destruction of IX Corps

The shattering of XI Corps

Turn 7

Everywhere ammo low!!

Ottomans everywhere!

The Ottomans retake Tahir tabiya

All in all a hard fought game, and good battle, and my first personal victory in the campaign. 


Chris BBB said...

Splendid show! Good effort, Onur - unlucky not to at least earn a draw!


Bloody Big BATTLES!

Halil Onur Buyuran said...

Thanks it was a good match. I am content with the battle result. A good plan but not a very good execution. I took two objectives around Turn 5-6 but couldnot hold them. That is satisfying for me that shows, objectives can be taken even with a small force. Of course Sudanese infantry's misunderstood order did a little help.

Phil said...

Nice report...ammo low can change a lot of things at the end of a battle!

Konstantinos Travlos said...

Yes, games in BBB always have an excellent amount of friction