Thursday, June 23, 2016

Last Century of the Ottomans BBB 2nd Pleven 1877

Our campaign goes on. To date we have played the following battles:

Kurudere 1854 Russians (Onur and Emir) vs. Ottomans (me)-> Russian Victory (Historical)

Alexinac 1875 Serbians (me) vs. Ottomans (Onur and Emir)->Ottoman Victory (Historical)

Nikopolis 1877 Russians (Onur and Emir) vs. Ottomans (me)-> Russian Victory (Historical)

Now came the turn of the great battle of 2nd Pleven, the first serious attempt of the Russians to take Pleven and annihilate Osman Pasha's Army, that straddled their communications lines.

The video report

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Updates: Naval Games and the Great Evzone experiment

Hi to all

Not much gaming these days because Onur is swamped at work. But we are all excitedly waiting for the next chance to fight the next battle in our BBB Campaign "The Last Century of the Ottomans", 2nd Pleven.

Your host keeping busy

Most of my hobby time has thus focused on scenario buildings (Kumanovo 1912 is at Chris Pringle for post-processing), reading, painting (almost done with a 6mm Prussian Army for 1813-1814 that has been waiting for half a decade), and planning next steps. Two things that I am toying with is Naval Rules, and Evzones. Read below.