Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Orthodox Christian Easter Gaming: BBB Velestino and a Kiss me Hardy Clash

Last week I traveled to Greece to celebrate Orthodox Easter with my family. It was a quick four day trip but I was able to squeeze some gaming  into Megali Pempti (God forgive me). In addition to the 19th Century War-gaming and Warfare Facebook Group I also created a group to help historical war-gamers in Greece to organize sessions. While I have my own posse from the years of youthful folly (i.e Warhammer 40k), and there is the Strategikon club, the groups aim is to broaden the space for players that are not a) my friends b) not finding their gaming needs fulfilled by the otherwise excellent Strategikon. This is especially the case for people like me who like less main-stream historical war gaming.

You can see the page at The name is Ο Διαβιβαστής (Greek for Courrier).

Anyhow to the meat. Me, Peter and Vangellis met at the Kaissa store Peristeriou, our local friendly gaming store, and I introduced them to Bloody Big Battles. We played the Battle of Velestino Scenario. We used my 10mm Pendraken Ottomans, while the Greeks were proxied by my Union troops. Peter and Vangellis commanded the Ottomans, and I the Greeks.

The video

The guys got the gist of the rules quickly and lunched into a good game. Similarly to my own stint as Ottoman commander in this battle they had a hard time fulfilling the Reconnaissance in Force objective, but did better then me, obtaining it in Turn 4. This brough the Ottoman reinformcements. Sensibly they massed them all on the western side of the town. That said I also had massed the Greeks there. 

General course of the battle

The layout

 A desperate fight ensued, with the Ottomans only overruning the greek positions by the last Turn. Velestino fell and the road to Lamia was open. However they did not hit the East, and the lone Evzonas regiment held the road to Volos. Technically they lost the battle by objective count. However, considering that Smolenki’s Greek force was shattered, we decided to call it a Draw. Strategically the Greeks would probably have to give up Volos before the Battle of Farsala. So despite the mediocre tactical result, on a strategic level the battle met the Ottoman objectives.

Ottoam and Greek troops fight around Velestino

Close up of the battle of Velestino

Ottoman and Greek irregulars fight each other

The situations towards the end 

The terrain was so-so and I am at fault. The painted cloth worked well, but I lacked teh trees, hills, and buildings to properly populate it. The post its are indeed supposed to be Towns and Villages. I will do better next time.

After this I met my friend Chris for a quick game of Kiss me Hardy. He took command of two British 74s and I of two French ones. His ships were the HMS Conqueror with an Average crew, and the HMS Achille with a Elite crew. Mine where the MNS Interpide with a Poor crew, and the MNS Argonaut with an Elite Crew. We began at parallel lines at extreme range and happily pounded each other. By the end the game went to the British as both French ships left the board with steering damage. The ships were 1/2000 Valiant Enterprises miniatures. 

The damage bill was
British: HMS Conqueror 14% damage/ HMS Achille 36% damage, Mizzen Mast Lost
French: MNS Interpide 40% damage, Foremast lost, Steering Damage/ MNS Argonaut 67 % Damage, Main Mast Lost, Steering Damage

With this my gaming record for this year is I believe
1 Draw, 4 Defeats

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