Thursday, May 26, 2016

Revisiting "Blood and Iron,Bismark's Wars for Empire" 1866

I decided to revisit the board-game "Blood and Iron, Bismarck's Wars of Empire" once more. The Last time I had run  solo scenario of the 1864 War, one in which the Danes got the better of the Austro-Prussians. I wanted to run the main scenario of the game, the Seven Weeks War of 1866 as a solo game, in preparation for a multiplayer game. This is the games main scenario and I hoped it would be more enjoyable then my brief foray into the 1859 scenario that proved very boring.
Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria

In the game you have the potential for five players, as on one side you have Italy and Prussia with its German Allies, and on the other side the Austrian North Army in Bohemia, the Austrian South Army in Italy, and the forces of the German Confederation (Bavarians, Federals,  Hannoverians, and the forces of Baden and Wurtterburg) with the Saxon Army a force that could be used in either West-Central Germany, or Bohemia.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Orthodox Christian Easter Gaming: BBB Velestino and a Kiss me Hardy Clash

Last week I traveled to Greece to celebrate Orthodox Easter with my family. It was a quick four day trip but I was able to squeeze some gaming  into Megali Pempti (God forgive me). In addition to the 19th Century War-gaming and Warfare Facebook Group I also created a group to help historical war-gamers in Greece to organize sessions. While I have my own posse from the years of youthful folly (i.e Warhammer 40k), and there is the Strategikon club, the groups aim is to broaden the space for players that are not a) my friends b) not finding their gaming needs fulfilled by the otherwise excellent Strategikon. This is especially the case for people like me who like less main-stream historical war gaming.

You can see the page at The name is Ο Διαβιβαστής (Greek for Courrier).

Anyhow to the meat. Me, Peter and Vangellis met at the Kaissa store Peristeriou, our local friendly gaming store, and I introduced them to Bloody Big Battles. We played the Battle of Velestino Scenario. We used my 10mm Pendraken Ottomans, while the Greeks were proxied by my Union troops. Peter and Vangellis commanded the Ottomans, and I the Greeks.

The video

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Last Century of the Ottomans BBB Nikopolis 1877

A couple of weeks ago we played our next scenario in the Last Century of the Ottomans BBB Campaign. This was Nikopolis.  I commanded teh Ottomans, and Emir and Onur the Russians. It was a resounding Russian victory. Next up is 2nd Pleven.

To date we have played three scenarios. In all three the result was the historical, and in all three I lost.
Kurudere-> Russian Victory
Aleksinatz-> Ottoman Victory
Nikopol-> Russian Victory

The AAR was prepared by Onur, while I made the Video Report from recordings made by Onur. Emir and Onur took the pictures.

"BBB Nikopol AAR,
April 23th 2016. Children Holiday at Turkey.

We met at Konstantinos’s place again. Me and Emir commanded Russians and our host commanded Turks. All terrains and models were supplied by our generous host.

The Video Report