Saturday, April 9, 2016

Project Complete: 1877/1897 Ottoman Army

Another 10mm 19th century army joins my collection. This is an Ottoman Army that can be used from the period between 1865 to 1897. The figures are all Pendraken, and the army is mainly going to be used for Bloody Big Battles, Black Powder, and Neil Thomas 19th century rules. The army may be expanded to also cover the 1912-1913 Balkan Wars.

The forces arrayed. About 40 infantry bases, 6 guns, 2 Generals, and 11 cavalry bases

The gun line of Krupps. 

The 1877 element. Rifle Battalions in the foreground 

1877/1897 Nizam, that can work aslo as 1912/1913 Redif

1877 Nizam or 1897 Redif

1877 Cavalry

The 1897 element. Cavalry and irregulars in the foreground

Albanian Redifs for 1897

A nod to 1912/1913 Ottoman cavalry in khaki

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Chris BBB said...

Good job! I like the bashi-bazouk skirmishers. But best of all are just the regulars in the classic red fez. Gotta love a fez.

May your new army get plenty of use and serve you well!