Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Fleet that Never Was: Some early photos

One project I have started with my friend Doruk is a campaign for the naval aspects of the First Balkan War, and more especially the War that Never Wars, the expected 1914 naval war between the Ottoman Empire and Greece. Both sides had engaged in an arms race, ordering dreadnoughts in a race to gain operational dominance in such a war.  The dispute was over the heavility Greek populated, but crucial for Ottoman strategic security Western Aegean Islands. The Greeks had taken them (or liberated) in 1912, but the peace treaties that ended the Balkan Wars did not resolve the issues of sovereignty. The war never happened as in 1914 World War 1 started. The British impounded the two Ottoman dreadnoughts (which became the HMS Erin and HMS Agincourt) and the French and Germans stopped working on the Greek orders (a Breatagne class ship, and the unique Salamis, which looked like Koning Class).

What would had happened if these Aegean behemoths had actually gone to sea? This is what we wish to find out.We are using the Operational system of Great War at Sea to generate battles, and will fight the Tactical engangmenets using Fleet Action Imminent.

Taking advantage of a trip to the US, I made a order of ships for the Greek fleet from Molinya Miniatures, War Times Journal, and Panzershiffe. I have now painted and proto-based them.

The new ships.

The RHN Salamis, a German design and build. I used a Koning Class dreadnought but removed the center-line turret. Panzerschiffe Miniatures

The RHN Vassilefs Konstantinos (King Constantine). A Bretagne class dreadnought ordered from France. Panzerschiffe Miniatures.

The RHN Kilkis and Lemnos. Ex USN Mississippi and Idaho. These are pre-dreadnoughts ships bought by the Greek goverment as a stop-gag measure until one of the ordered dreadnoughts arrived. Very nice Molinya Miniatures sculpts

RHN Averoff. A bad photo of a legendary ship.Built by Italy on the Pisa Class plans. The ship that won the naval battles of the First Balkan War. A beautiful War Times Journal sculpt. 

The RHN Ellis. A light cruiser added to the Greek fleet. It was torpedoed on the festive day of 15th August 1940 by the Italian navy as a provocation for war.

The Fleet that never was, the new ships together with the three aging Spetsai, Psara, and Hydra ironclads.  These would be the capital ships available to Greece in 1914.

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Oswald said...

Thanks for the details of the ships - I'm really keen to take this up as a future project. Looking good.