Thursday, March 24, 2016

Kennesaw Mountain

Over last week I was in Atlanta attending the ISA convention. It was a good convention. I decided to take time to visit and explore Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, which is rather close to the city. The National Park commemorates the Battle of Kennesaw , fought in 1864 as part of the campaign that led to the fall of Atlanta.

I took a lot of pictures, but also prepared a video of my excursion. Here is the video (hosted on Youtube)

And here are the photos

On the Approach to the Park

Kennesaw in the background

Walking along Old US 41

Plan of the battle and the national park

Going up Big Kennesaw

The view downslope

Remnants of entrenchments 

View towards Atlanta

Remnants of Entrenchments 

                                                             Remnants of Entrenchments 

The Confederate defensive lines on Big Kennesaw

Atlanta in the background

Looking towards the West

Spectacular view

Artillery position overviewing the western approaches to the city

Spectacular views

View from inside a trench

The Union troops would come up this way

Little Kennesaw in the foreground

Remnants of trenches

Looking across a trench towards were the Union troops will come

Inside a trench

Rocky ground on Little Kennesaw

Artillery position on Little Kennesaw

I was way overdressed. 

A battery on the summit

Overlooking the western approaches.

The ground Union troops would have to go up in attack

The ground on the top

Remnants of Entrenchments 

Going towards Pigeon Hill

View of Little Kennesaw

Marker for US Regulars

From those trees would the Union troops advance 

View from Confederate entrenchments 

A stream

The path to Cheatham Hill

The country at Cheatham Hill

Original Artillery fortifications

Looking towards Confederate positions

Another view towards the places from which Union troops would emerge

A gun looks towards the deep forest, waiting...

The ground that the Union troops would have to come up

At the Dead Angle, the Illinois Monument

Dead Angle remnants of Fortifications

 Dead Angle remnants of Fortifications
Overlooking the ground Union troops would have to cross

Looking from Union positions towards the Dead Angle

Remnants of Fortifications

Artillery Battery redoubt

The Texas Monument


Buckeye said...

Looks like to cover most of the park...thanks for sharing the pics!

Dopplebockdunkel said...

Thank you. It's great to see a Civil War battlefield in such detail