Saturday, January 9, 2016

Retrospection and plans 2016

Happy New Year to all

As always I take a retrospection at the start of the new year, and lay out my plans for the year that has started.

Games Played 2015

Over 2015 I played about 25 miniatures games, a goodly number.While I do not have exact numbers I pieced this breakdown from older blog posts.

Bloody Big Battles:5
Black Powder: 2
Perfidious Albion: 4
Altar of Freedom: 2
Kiss me Hardy:3
Warhammer: 1
Warhammer 40k: 1
Saga: 5

Of those games 4 were solo games. I lost 31 f 32 games.

Other Activities

Scenario wise I had three scenarios made public: Velestino 1897 for Bloody Big Battles, Tuyuti 1866 for Bloody Big Battles, and Fleurus 1622 for "The Warre Game 1632".

My greatest project was the beginning of the 19th Century War-games and Warfare Facebook group
which now has 370 members. For that group, and sometimes with the help of other members I produced 7 essays covering six 19th century conflicts and a general introduction to wargaming this period.

Collection wise this was a year of endings and beginnings. I finished my DBA project, painting the last of 8 armies that are now my 15mm collection. I finished my Warhammer Empire/ Generic 15th century western European 28mm army. On beginnings , my introduction to the wonderful Bloody Big Battles system finally gave me a gaming style that gives me great joy. As a result I have been collecting 10mm 19th century armies. I have collected a force for the Russians in 1864/1877, a Union Force (1862-1863), and I am currently paining a Ottoman Amy for 1877/1897.

This was also a year of a lot of terrain making.

Regrets from 2015 are the following
1) Warhammer 1000. I truly regret the money and time I have put into this project. Yes the figures give me joy. And I have always loved the Warhammer universe. But I have come to the conclusion that the system really was terrible. A joyless game compared to things like DBA or BBB. Furthermore the decision of GW to axe it has killed it in Greece. Almost no one I know plays Warhammer anymore. Unfortunately Kings of War has not caught off. Obviously the figures can be used for other systems, but I have yet to find a group working on that, or a system that makes me want to play 28mm Fantasy instead of BBB. I do not know what I will do, but I can see them seeing little action this year. What I do know is that I do not want to use the Warhammer rules anymore. BBB has shown that I dislike rules that use too many special rules etc.

2) Club participation. Due to moving to a new place and the costs associated with making a home, as well as the need to updated my aging wardrobe, I could not spare any money for the monthly feees for the Pegasus club. As a result I was too embarrassed to go often for gaming. Thus I have lost some contact with the Turkish gaming community.

So what are the plans for 2016?

Project wise I have the following projects active and working on

10mm Ottomans 1877/1897 for the Bloody Big Battles
10mm American Civil War for chess sets

The following projects are planned to be pursued
10mm Greeks for 1897
10mm Confederates for Altar of Freedom/ Bloody Big Battles

The following projects are stalled

Skaven and High Elves for Warhammer 1000
28mm French and Bavarians and Prussians for chess sets

Future Miniature Projects Planned

Complete Greek and Ottoman Fleets for the Balkan Wars and potentially WW1
10mm 19th Century Armies (Danes 1864, Austrians 1866, Prussian 1866/1870)
-Specifically I would like to run the BBB scenario for Konningratz.

Finish painting and re-basing 6mm French and Prussians for BBB and Blucher

Not that much beyond that. I have decided to focus my projects and not start too many news ones,

Instead I am putting more work into items that are associated with war-gaming but not necessary miniatures. 

Scenarios: Finish my BBB Leipzig 1813 Scenario. Work on a Girsikon (Sondebund War) BBB Scenario. Begin the great project of Balkan Wars Scenarios for BBB.

19th Century War-game and warfare group: Complete 12 themes on a monthly basis. If no one steps up to help, make the themes bi-monthly after that.

Articles: Perhaps write a series of articles for the War of 1897 for the foreign correspondent.

Club: Become more active in the club in Turkey. Connect more with the historical war-gaming scene in Athens. Promote Blucher, BBB, Saga.

 And that is that. Let us all have a good new year.


Steve J. said...

Good to read how your year went old chap. For fantasy I'd recommend having a look at 'Dragon Rampant' by Dan mersey. Not too many figures required and really all about having fun. I've given up on clubs due to work/family pressures and now just game at home or at friends. Maybe you could try that. Completely agree on BBB.

Stu Rat said...

I was going to suggest DR as well. KoW just doesn't hook me. Feels like a locally produced set we played 20 years, before Warhammer steamrollered all else.

Good luck with the rest of your plans-I enjoy your BBB reports. Zero interest locally in that, I guess it is a too high a scale-people like their regiments.

David said...

Just joined your facebook page = I like 19th Century in 15mm

Toxic Pixie said...

Thirded for Dragon Rampant - I reckon that's the right level for a smaller 'Hammer army? Or for skirmish games try Frostgrave or Son of Blades and Heroes - Song might be especially good as you can do several armies and a whole campaign out of what you have, and use existing terrain to boot!

doctorphalanx said...

Glad to see your loss rate exceeds mine!

Konstantinos Travlos said...

Thank you all.

On Fantasy I have taken a look at Lion Rampant, and while it had interesting ideas it did not catch my attention. I have had Song of Shakos and Drums so some familiarity with the Song system. Its not bad, but it also did not make me enthusiastic (like Saga or BBB did).

To be frank I need a system that I can teach quickly. My generation of gamers, probably for good reasons, has become less willing to try systems that have steep learning curves or take too much time. Our careers and families are in the infancy and we see that the time we used to burn for hobbies cannot be the same as the past. I noticed that in the board-game preferences of my friends. Gone are the days of marathon monster games. We now prefer systems that can give a good game fast, and can be explained in a short amount of time.

But thanks for the suggestions. I will re-visit them 100%.

Doctor Phalanx. Oh yes, I tend to lose heavily in games. Partly because I ma not a power gamer, partly because I am usually the guy teaching the rules.

Toxic Pixie said...

Song might be handy then - we used it for a participation game at a recent con and got several groups of new players running it very easily immediately! The key is in setting up war bands that are easy to play before the game so they can get stuck straight in. They can then make their own for the following game!

Peter Clarke said...

For bigger battles, Sword and Spear is very good, and Mark is working on a fantasy variant which you can find out abouto n his forum.

doctorphalanx said...

I know exactly what you mean! In recent years I've spent a lot of time teaching others rather than playing competitively and it's worn thin.

Anonymous said...