Sunday, January 3, 2016

Museum: The Army Museum in Istanbul (1st 2016 Post)

Happy New Year to all. May 2016 bring you Health, Wealth, and Joy. And lots and lots of war-gaming.

Since most of you were good last year, here is your present. Pictures from the Harbiye Army Museum in Istanbul. This is a very large museum with a massive collection of artifacts. However it is badly organised, with really bad English translation, and mislabeling of periods and paintings. Also of all the museums I have produced it is the one with the least subtle ideological bent.

The Museum does have a massive collection, it also has a very nice shop (with interesting books but most of them in English), and finally it is where you can check out the Mehter Band, live.

As in the case with the Greek Museums I will keep captions short.

Fleeee the Conquering! 

Callipoli Gun!

here come the huns!

 Mantzikert with a very anachronistic Emperor Romanos Diogenis. All these painting were done by a Russian firm.

Osman's Quran I believe.

Istanbul 1453

1877 Paintings

An awesome, AWESOME, hand quilted list  with all naval ensigns in the world in the late 19th century.


Siege of 1453 painting.

Representation of cadets (including Kemal Ataturk)

Not a great picture of a great picture. A more folkish painting of the fall of Volos in the war of 1897

Mehter Band

 Enver Pasha artifacts

UK Trophy flag


19th century Kitsh. Tables and chairs created by weapons.

Callipoli diorama

UK Trophies

Anti-Greek guerrilla from the Turkish War of Independence (Asia Minor Campaign)

Artifacts from captured Greek officers

Battle of Sakarya


Steve J. said...

Thanks for taking the time to post the pics. It reminds me that I should try and visit some military museums this year...

Herkybird said...

Lots of interesting pictures, thanks for posting them!