Saturday, January 30, 2016

Kiss me Hardy Once More!

Yesterday Mehmet (the developer of the Trial by Fire WW1 rules) came over to stay at my place as he was visiting Istanbul for work. We decided to run a small Kiss me Hardy Scenario, so he could check out naval gaming.

It was the usual setting. A small French squadron trying to break a British blockade, with a squadron of far squadron ships trying to stop them. The French needed to survive 7 rounds of combat to win, while the British needed to sink, capture, or cripple at least one French ship.

The British order was the following. Mehmet Commanded them
HMS Ajax, Elite crewed 74 gun 3rd Rate, Foul Bottomed
HMS Naiad, Elite Crewed 38 gun frigate, Foul Bottomed

The French Order was the following. I commanded them
MNS Indomptable, Average Crewed 80 gun 3rd Rate
MNS Cornelie, Elite Crewed 40 gun frigate.

The Battle started well with me getting in some good broadsides on both English ships. The French SOL focused on the British Frigate, and the British SOL on the French Frigate.  I was feeling confident.

And then disaster struck! Around turn 4, a good critical hit by Mehmet caused a fire on the Cornelie. As luck would have it, the Fire Test card came up then. I rolled the 1d10 for the 10% chance of a possible explosion. I got 0, which indicated a possible explosion. I rolled the 1d6 for the 50% chance of explosion. And I got an explosion. In a horrific moment the Cornelie exploded into a million pieces as the fire reached its magazine.

The Indomptable did not give up and continued the fight, refusing to surrender even after getting a stern rake. However steering damage forced it into a position where it could receive fire but not return.

The last turn came with the Indomptable still in French hands, but logically speaking it would probably had been boarded or gunned to submission if the game had more turns. A solid first victory for Mehmet, after a brisk game.

Ending Situation
HMS Ajax: 17% damage
HMS Naiad: 36% damage
MNS Indomptable: 31% damage, Steering Damage
MNS Cornelie: Exploded at 27% damage + Higher Officer Casualties

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