Wednesday, January 20, 2016

First 2016 Game: Battle of Lemnos 1913

Me an Doruk got together for a game of Perfidious Albion, loosely based on the Battle of Lemnos, during the Firs Balkan War.

I commanded the Greeks made up of
the AC Averoff
and the three sister ironclad battleships Spetsai-Psara-Hydra

All my models are from War Times Journal

Doruk commanded the Ottomans made up of the sister pre-dreadnought Battleships Torgud Reis and Hyderrin Barbarossa, the ironclad battleship Mesudieh, and the light Cruiser Medjidieh.

All his models were Panzwersiff.

Initial dispositions. Greeks towards you, Ottomans away

The Greek navy crosses the Ottoman T for the first time

The view from the Ottoman ships

The two fleets maneuver. The Greek concentrated fire on the Hyderin Barbarossa

Causing enough damage (destroying its guns) to force it out of the line of battle.

Merrygo round of death

Boom, one of the Hydras hits the magaine of the Medjidieh! The Ottoman fleet shrugs it off.

One of the Hydra's sinks heavily hit, while another breaks contact after flooding its last magazine.

The two remaining pairs of ships fight mercilessly.

I am tired and the Averoff has just lost its main guns, so I give up.

Greek ships and damage

Ottoman ships and damage

Like previous games of Perfidious Albion this one also lasted too long and was a slug-fest. I am now 100% that the system needs better CnC and Morale rules, as to be frank I consider that I should had won this battle, and lost it just because I am a bit older than the other player and fatigue kicked in first. We have become better at calculating hit scores, so it was not as brain-killing as last time, but I am definitely either finding a new system, or adding house rules. We also are thinking of doing the almost certain to have happened Ottoman-Greek naval war of 1914 (did not happen due to WW1), and that will require rules for Dreadnoughts. So we are looking.  

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Oswald said...

Great report with nice photography. I suffer the same fatigue with long games these days - the search for colourful fast play rules continues! Cheers Alan