Friday, January 22, 2016

19TH Century Stuff

Here are some pictures from 19th century related activities.

First pictures of works in progress

1877/1897 10mm Ottomans by Pendraken. Half-way done to my goal.

Command stands for 1897 Greeks, 10mm Pendraken ACW Union

My first Confederate unit for Altar of Freedom. 25 more to go. 10mm ACW Pendraken

Box with various work in progress units. 1870 French Imperial Guard Voltiquers, Papal Zoauves, Brazilian Line infantry and Zouaves for the Paraguayn War. If I find someone who wants to pursue 19th century war-gaming in this scale, I will probably gift them some of these units. 

On the books front these are the only three hard-cover books I bought last year on 19th century topics (1815-1914 period)

Dusan Babac's "The Serbian Army in the Wars of Independence against Turkey, 1876-1878" was an ok title, marred by bad translation, the lack of maps, and in general high expectations on my part due to the previous uniform book I had gotten (the excellent Moller and Cerda "Uniforms of the Pacific War 1879-1884). Still it is one of the very few books in English on the subject, and the illustrations are not too bad.

The "Memorabilia of the Balkan Wars" by Vasilios Nikoltsios and Yannis Mylonas is essentially a nice little tome choke full of uniform illustrations, and pictures of artifacts, covering the belligerent states of the first and second Balkan War. It has a short narrative of the war, primarily from the Greek point of view. However, you buy this book for the pictures, and this is the only place you can get Mylonas illustrations of the Balkan War uniforms nowdays. This is in English as well, and superior in many ways to the Osrepy title. The publishers are Logos and Ikona from Thessaloniki.

I also got a short greek tome on the First Balkan War, mostly for the description of the Greek campaign and some of the maps in it. It is nothing special, and written from a nationalist point of view, but it is a cheap alternative to the hard to find Greek General Staff Histories. This will come in handy for my contribution to the BBBB project (Bloody Big Balkan Battles).

Full reviews of these books will be made once I finish wrestling with the 2nd Volume of Quintin Barry's History of the Franco Prussian War.


Andrew Bruce said...

Very nice indeed

Steve J. said...

It's nice being able to game some of these rather obscure battles with the excellent BBB ruleset. I look forward to seeing your troops in action:)